27 Jun '17, 1pm

Slovenian Coffee On The Rise At Cafe Čokl https://t.co/0yD7slp34l

I thought Čokl was being pedantic when he said that coffee shops in Ljubljana claim to offer “the best coffee” without anything to back it up. But later that afternoon, I passed a few shop fronts with “Best Coffee in Town” actually chalked out front. As for Čokl, his coffee was the best I had in Ljubljana and on par with anything I’ve had in Paris or New York. It’s this quality, and the reputation it’s slowly bringing the cafe, that has allowed Čokl and his colleague, Živa Lopatič, to use coffee to communicate about issues that are important to them, like fair trade, sustainability, and food waste. “We want to talk about these values and principles, but we couldn’t do that without the quality of the coffee,” says Lopatič, whose work centers around fair trade education and promotion in Slovenia.

Full article: http://sprudge.com/cafe-cokl-115279.html?ydSv


Let's meet at the Cafe Rouge

Let's meet at the Cafe Rouge

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