28 Feb '17, 10am

Spreading Joy (And Butts) With McDonalds’ New Holiday McCafe Cups https://t.co/N64TWfU6J0

But we here at Sprudge think there are more layers to this onion. This cup is more than just a bawdy work of art masquerading as a poor design in a medium that sends people into howling shitfits this time of year. No, no, that would be too simple. Too inelegant. At the center of this blooming bulbous maze is a complete overhaul of how we consume liquids from to-go cups. And this revolution is hiding in plain sight. “Where?” you are surely asking by now. It’s simple, just put the X in Xmas. Or maybe it’s an *.

Full article: http://sprudge.com/spreading-joy-butts-mcdonalds-new-holi...