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For years, I have struggled with homemade mac and cheese. It just doesn’t work when I make it. It turns out grainy and clumpy and just plain gross. Creamy is definitely more my style. I’ve always thought my failures were because I was using “real” cheese instead of processed Velveeta. Until I tried this recipe, that is. This skillet mac and cheese fits the creamy bill perfectly. Creamy, flavorful and pretty healthy as far as mac and cheese goes – no heavy cream, just a perfectly working combination of evaporated milk, cornstarch and “real” cheese. Oh, and talk about easy – completely made in ONE skillet and definitely done in 20 minutes, start to finish. I often use the ham and pea variation (below the recipe) to make it more of a complete meal for my family. The only word of warning is to eat it while it is warm – cold mac and cheese is pretty grody, if you ask me.

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