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Farmer pride in the Star / R.

Farmer pride in the Star / R.

I live fairly close to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room. I drop by often. One thing I enjoy seeing is the burlap sacks which hold the green coffee, and watching it get loaded into the green coffee loading pit . Each time I drop by, I stop and look at what’s stacked up at the green coffee loading pit, and often I’ll take a photo of the burlap coffee sacks. Over the roughly year and a half that the Roastery has been open, I’ve noticed that it’s become increasingly common for the burlap sacks to arrive at the Roastery with a Star/R (the Starbucks Reserve trademark) stenciled onto them. A couple of times, I’ve asked about this. How does this happen? Does Starbucks put the Star/ R on the bag of green coffee? Does the farmer do it? Each time, I’ve gotten almost identical answers: Starbucks doesn’t mark up the burlap sack. Starbucks doesn’t tell the coffee farmer w...

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