24 Mar '16, 6pm

We interview @the_antonio, the founder and Editor in Chief of @lifeandthyme

We interview @the_antonio, the founder and Editor in Chief of @lifeandthyme

It’s funny what happens when you begin publishing something in print. Everybody wants to be in print. Our subjects, our contributors, sponsors—everyone seems to value print more than a website. But each issue is very finite, thematic, and limited to a very certain number of stories and locations. That being said, we try to publish a variety of content that makes sense for each platform. Web content might be slightly quicker reads, lots of photography, and big emphasis on producing cinematic short films. The print magazine might hold bigger and longer stories that requires a bit of time investment to get through them all. We are also very selective of which contributors get to document print stories and are often some of our strongest writers or photographers. The website is a great way for new contributors to get their feet wet and so we can get to know them. Our community...

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"Milk...no one has really looked at that" Fantastic marketing, finding the edges. @theestatedairy @sprudge

"Milk...no one has really looked at that" Fanta...

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“Going from London and visiting the farms…for dairy farmers it’s their livelihood. Trying to explain this idea to them and...