29 Jul '12, 11pm

@BreeMateljan Cool :-) OR OR (all within 500m of Town Hall) cc @kjmci

A friend found this place on the paper we then decided to have brekkie 8am on a weekday there. They have a small menu, had to ask for my banana bread to come with ricotta cheese with honey other wise they would only serve with butter. It wasn't as perhaps, fresh, nor was it well toasted as I would have liked. On the contrast, friend ordered their sourdough toast with avocado and tomato, it looked bloody fantastic! But the latte is decent. Even though they don't have WIFI, I could still spend the whole day there, reading or studying.

Full article: http://www.beanhunter.com/cafes/review/klink


SHOW & TELL: Carvela 'Klink'

SHOW & TELL: Carvela 'Klink'

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