28 Jul '12, 11am

@timwendelboe incredible, just tried the sitio canaa now, very, very good. made me curious and the answers were here:

This takes time though, as the trees have to adapt to their natural cycle again and the loss of production by growing organic coffee is not yet sustainable economically. The positive effects from the changes they have made is that the coffee trees are more flexible and healthy, they have no problems with pests and diseases on the trees and the coffee tastes much better and different from before. This has consistently been our favourite coffee from Brazil. Previous years we have bought both their natural processed and the pulped natural processed coffees, but this year we found the natural processed lots to be cleaner and more complex than the pulped naturals. Therefore we decided only to buy the natural processed this year.

Full article: http://timwendelboe.no/coffee/sitio-canaa-espresso/