28 May '15, 9am

Trip to Paris & Lunch at Porte 12 with Teisseire Syrups via @coffeenvanilla @TeisseireUK #tourdetei…

Not to waste time (while still on the train) we had olfactory workshop with amazing Odette Toilette who knows tons of interesting facts and anecdotes about perfumes. We were also comparing essential oil scents with Teisseire syrups of the same flavour, it was quite interesting to learn how the scents are sourced… Did you know that the almond scent is made from the stone fruit seed kernels not real almonds and that there is Salt Carmel perfume on the market? Well, then you should probably attend one of the Odette’s workshops for yourself.

Full article: http://www.coffeeandvanilla.com/trip-to-paris-france/