25 Feb '12, 10pm

@finocchio68 Researched Montreal occasionally, but haven't yet been. Here's a good starting point via @shotzombies

Black and Blue Bottle: James Freeman Responds to Dumb Review New Zealand Wants Credit for Coffee in NYC Photos: Handsome Coffee Roasters Pre-Party Walk Through CoffeeCon: The Dubious Anti-Trade Show Trade Show Video: Jonathan Rubinstein on Secrets of Successful StartUps Tassimo Recalls Single-Cup Brewers for Dousing People The Cost of Coffee From Single-Serve Systems Save the Date: Jonathan Rubinstein to be Interviewed Live on Secrets of Successful StartUps Blue Bottle Profile in the Wall Street Journal STUNNING VIDEO: Yoshi Masuda’s Traveling Cafe Supports Disaster-Ravaged Japan Bulletproof™ Upgraded Grass Fed Coffee James Murphy is Planning His Own Espresso Line Caffeine is just another Drug of Abuse Video: Kraft Kommon’s Pourover Macaroni and Cheese Technique

Full article: http://shotzombies.com/2011/08/13/the-cafes-of-montreal-i...