30 Jan '12, 11pm

An exit interview with @devchap of @coavacoffee shows how grateful and humble of winner of #NWRBC and Brewers Cup is:

We caught up with Devin Chapman of Coava Coffee just seconds after the big announcement: Devin is the first ever dual NWRBC / Brewers Cup champion. Congratulations Devin, and thanks for sharing your moment with Sprudge.com.

Full article: http://sprudge.com/exit-interview-video-devin-chapman-nwr...


Seven Minutes In Devin: @devchap Sweeps NWRBC

Seven Minutes In Devin: @devchap Sweeps NWRBC

sprudge.com 30 Jan '12, 12am

For the first time ever, the same competitor has won a Regional Barista and Brewers Cup event. It’s Devin Chapman of Coava...

Chairlift interview!! nuff said

is.asia-city.com 31 Jan '12, 9am

How are your songwriting processes like? Patrick and I wrote this album as a two piece. We rented a spare room at the back...

Cup Specialty Coffee

Cup Specialty Coffee

dearcoffeeiloveyou.com 05 Feb '12, 11am

In the last year, there’s been an increase of well-produced coffee videos making their rounds on the internet, most of the...