26 Jan '12, 4am

CaffiNation 517: Theft

CaffiNation 517: Theft

What a way to bring down a month. SOPA, IPA, and Now ACTA, makes me wish that alphabet soup had thrown up on someone else’s lawn. I’m a pretty even dude when it comes to politics, I dislike everyone and I’m pretty sure everyone is out to do me wrong. I like things both liberal and conservative, but nothing will actually get me up off my duff quicker than censorship and IP problems. I despise Intellectual property laws, and the organizations that make their living off other people’s thoughts. Think me one original idea, based off of nothing you have ever heard, or seen or read. you can’t you as you sit there right now are a product of the environment you experienced, the sum of your past mistakes, and triumphs. no one should be able to legislate what part of your past you can create from.

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Mosque speaks up in "$32 theft case"

channelnewsasia.com 20 Jan '12, 12pm

SINGAPORE: A man, who was sentenced on Thursday to a year's jail for stealing S$32 from a mosque, had been helped by the s...