30 Jan '14, 11pm

5 Sweet Cafes In Auckland

5 Sweet Cafes In Auckland

Good One is home to several striking, unique design elements, laid out across two floors over several thousand square feet. The cafe houses a complete chronological collection of some 4500 National Geographic magazines, starting from the early 1950s and continuing until the late 1990s, bought wholesale from a private subscriber in an estate sale. Outside of a library, you’re unlikely to find a bigger collection of National Geographics in any one place, and the effect adds history and resonance to Good One’s interior that way only old printed objects can. You can almost smell the magazine ink and weathered paper, mingling amongst the more recognizable cafe olfactory template. The magazines are displayed throughout the cafe, in huge looming racks, back room display shelves, and tucked in amongst the retail brew gear offerings.

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