27 Jan '14, 4pm

Castillo vs. Caturra: Who Wins the Steel Cage Match in Colombia?

They were accepting all the production risk associated with traditional varieties without getting any of the market reward — the worst scenario imaginable. If the market that wants traditional varieties isn’t willing to compensate farmers for the risk associated with planting them in an era of coffee leaf rust, Caturra may find its days numbered. Don’t believe me? Consider this cautionary from our Borderlands project. The coffee that registered the highest cupping score from our baseline quality survey in 2012 – one discerning roaster awarded it 89.5 points – was a Caturra. When it came time to search for some worthy coffees to put forth for sale in 2013, we started with the farmer who grew it, only to learn he had replaced much of his Caturra with Castillo.

Full article: http://dailycoffeenews.com/2014/01/27/castillo-vs-caturra...