27 Dec '13, 10pm

Izzo Alex Duetto II Dual Boiler PID, Ken Daraie: Bottom Line: Great machine, and a helpful s... (Top Coffee News)

Fairly easy to set up, and operate. every feature works as advertised. It is a terrific machine for the price and we are enjoying some of the best coffee we have ever had. My wife was the sceptic, and now she is the first one in line for a cup. Fresh roasted high quality coffee and a good grinder make a huge difference too. I went through the trouble of connecting the machine to a water supply line, and am very glad I did, but did not hook up the drain, and that doesn't seem to be a problem. All and all it has been a great machine and we Love the purchases.

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Izzo Alex Duetto II Dual Boiler PID, Linda Doyle

coffeegeek.com 28 Dec '13, 9pm

Izzo Alex Duetto III is a good-looking, dependable work horse. Desperate as I was for a good home espresso, I took my time...