24 Aug '13, 5pm

Word-a-Week with @aaronfever rides off into the sunset wearing a jaunty sombrero.

Word-a-Week is dead. Long live Word-a-Week. Wordmeister Aaron Poole did it his way and he sends this feature off into the sunset in style. Granted, as you will see, he spent an entire month of Need Coffee video podcasting budget on this episode, so we'll need to talk to him about that. But regardless. For the final time: accept no substitutes! This word is one you can use! In conversation! You can even use it on Twitter and Facebook! And the best part is: this word is free for you to use and share! It is guaranteed DRM-free.

Full article: http://www.needcoffee.com/2013/08/24/agraffe-word-a-week/


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