23 Jun '13, 9am

DPReview's coffee photography challenge - ends 6/27/13 - Knockbox

Come on Rollie-man and others who've taken some GREAT coffee-related pictures. The prize for winning is massive (nothing), but it's still a fun one, and gives some HB'ers a chance to show off they're passionate about more than just coffee. Show the camera-geeks your best espresso-porn, or anything coffee-related. Here's the link to the DPReview challenge, which ends on June 27th: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3505527

Full article: http://www.home-barista.com/knockbox/dpreviews-coffee-pho...


Come and get some coffee!! Here's a BOGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come and get some coffee!! Here's a BOGO!!!!!!!...

biggby.com 24 Jun '13, 10am

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Or perhaps the 27?

londonbusroutes.net 23 Jun '13, 9pm

Although reduced in length from its heyday, the 27 remains a major trunk route across inner west London, and is relatively...

THP SHOP JUNE 13 (Via Bloglovin')

THP SHOP JUNE 13 (Via Bloglovin')

thehautepursuit.com 24 Jun '13, 5am

It’s here!! Super stoked and proud of the THP Shop June 13 Look Book. We decided to run with the idea of black and whites ...