05 Aug '18, 6am

The Tombs

So maybe that’s why I’m in jail, to have nothing but the wall to stare at, with the blood smears and initials carved into the concrete with car keys. I can be my own projectionist here. I can screen Black Gold with my imagination – against this bruised blank wall, as the hours pass by. The young mother is standing there with me. I’m a techno-ghost, now in Ethiopia, standing next to her. The health people are studying her boy to see if he qualifies as officially starving. The belly is distended. The eyes are unhappy, the legs wobbly. But the height and weight ratio isn’t distressing enough. The formula for starvation is not established. Now I’m watching the mother carry the boy out of the compound, as the doctors and nurses try to look away. On The Tombs wall, her eyes circle in a penetrating gaze, look over the African horizon.

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