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We've been selling Aida Batlle's cascara for a few years now, the first time was back in 2008 when we wrote this blog post. Cascara has been a ...

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  • We're putting experimental Telia on sale to cafes tomorrow. Find out what makes this so…

    Developing Telia – Square Mile Coffee

    squaremileblog.com 21 Nov '16, 5pm

    At the end of last week Anette introduced you to Telia – a special small lot of experimental Costa Rican coffee that we’ll be releasing soon. As this is a very unusual coffee, we thought it’d be interesting to tell you about the test roasting and profiling process we’ve taken Telia th...

  • We're releasing something special next week. Have a read of our latest blog post to find out more

    Let’s talk about Telia – Square Mile Coffee

    squaremileblog.com 17 Nov '16, 3pm

    One of the joys of the world of coffee is that it never stands still. Producers are always experimenting with new varieties and new production methods, and while the vast majority of these experiments may come to nothing, occasionally they can produce a real gem like the Telia lot. Th...

  • Browns of Brockley – Square Mile Coffee

    squaremileblog.com 02 Oct '16, 12pm

    The renowned Browns of Brockley – one of south east London’s original speciality coffee spots – has deservedly put Brockley on the map for many keen coffee individuals. Located directly opposite Brockley overground station, it’s perfectly placed to catch the busy commuters reluctantly...

  • Longstanding customers Ginger & White is the place to head if you're in Hampstead!

    Ginger & White – Square Mile Coffee

    squaremileblog.com 16 Oct '16, 12pm

    As we round the corner towards colder weather, I find myself taking shelter on a rainy day in one of Hampstead Village’s most popular cafes, Ginger & White. This longstanding Square Mile customer is about as local as it gets, with regulars streaming through on busy mornings like this,...

  • Edinburgh Calling!

    Edinburgh Calling! – Square Mile Coffee

    squaremileblog.com 06 Nov '16, 12pm

    Leap forward to 2016, and speciality coffee has spread over the UK in a major way. Coffee shops are opening at an alarming rate and Edinburgh is spoilt for choice, but there are still many pockets of the city which are crying out for a great cafe. Jonathan searched long and hard, and ...

  • Red Brick daily shipping.

    Red Brick daily shipping – Square Mile Coffee

    squaremileblog.com 19 Oct '16, 5pm

    If you’ve ever placed an order via our webshop before, you’ll probably know that Monday and Thursday are our roasting and shipping days. If you place an order on Tuesday, for example, you’ll get a message saying it’ll be roasted and shipped on Thursday. The reason we’ve worked like th...

  • Fowlds Cafe – Square Mile Coffee

    squaremileblog.com 29 Oct '16, 12pm

    The first thing that’s remarkable about Fowlds is it’s size. It’s tiny. Tucked into a side street just 100 yards away from the busy Camberwell Road, it’s eleven or so seats feel like a spotlight of calm among the crowded bus stops and hammering building sites of the roiling London hub...

  • If, like us you enjoy brewing a V60 at home on the weekend, this may help make a delicious brew!

    V60 Brewers – Square Mile Coffee

    squaremileblog.com 13 Aug '16, 11am

    1. We recommend using a ratio of 60g of coffee per litre of water. 2. Weigh out as much coffee as you need for the size of your brew. 3. Grind the coffee on a medium setting (similar to granulated sugar). 4. For best results, use filtered water with a low mineral content. 5. Boil the ...


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