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We've been selling Aida Batlle's cascara for a few years now, the first time was back in 2008 when we wrote this blog post. Cascara has been a ...

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  • .@squaremile @virmaxcafe Lot's of good info in this write-up. Thanks for sharing.

    Virmax Colombian Cupping

    squaremileblog.com 09 Apr '14, 10am

    On Tuesday 25th March, we had the pleasure of hosting a cupping session of the 5 Colombian microlots we have purchased this year, in conjunction with our Colombian importing partners Virmax. Alejandro and Badi were kind enough to make some time in their busy schedule to come by the ro...

  • We see cascara popping up everywhere but it's not new. Here's a piece from @jimseven in 2008 about the coffee pulp.

    Cascara and Qishr

    squaremileblog.com 13 Apr '14, 8pm

    Along with all the amazing coffees that shipped from El Salvador was a few vac packs of something different from Finca Mauritania – Cascara! The Cascara is the dried outer fruit layer of the coffee cherry, typically considered either a waste product or sometimes used in compost. Howev...

  • Easter Holiday’s

    squaremileblog.com 14 Apr '14, 12pm

    Just a quick blog post to let everyone know we will be closed over the Easter bank holidays for both Good Friday and Easter Monday. Essentially what this means, for you, our lovely webshop customers is that our normal roast and ship day of Monday will move to the Tuesday (after Easter...

    1. Easter Opening Times coffeecollective.dk 14 Apr '14, 9am
  • Ever wondered what happens at a UK judges training workshop?

    Uk barista competition judges training

    squaremileblog.com 17 Jan '14, 11am

    The third day was a day for judges that certified last year to come back and calibrate with the group- once a judge passes they are certified for two years in the UK and then they have to re sit the tests. On this day we set up three stations again, two for pulling shots and tasting c...

  • A blog post on water and why we require reverse osmosis in London:

    Why we require Reverse Osmosis in London

    squaremileblog.com 02 Dec '13, 3pm

    We wanted to write a little bit about why we now require wholesale customers in hard water areas to use reverse osmosis, because we believe there is a little confusion out there. Our goal, as a roaster and supplier, is for our customers to have successful and sustainable businesses. I...

  • Redakci zachvátila epidemie slintavky! Kdo z vás odebírá bonbónky ze Square Mile Coffee Roasters?

    Bella Vista

    squaremileblog.com 21 Mar '14, 10am

    March 19, 2014 · by Marty Latham · in Uncategorized The first of the Colombians is now available in the webshop, if you like sweet blackcurrant jam on toast then this is the espresso for you! Coming from the Huila region this fully washed coffee also has a rich creamy mouthfeel, green...

    1. Bella Vista shop.squaremilecoffee.com 19 Mar '14, 11am
  • First South American filter in the webshop, the Juan Ticona, and we are enjoying it!

    Juan Ticona

    squaremileblog.com 15 Jan '14, 5pm

    We have an exciting new coffee from South America in the form of the Juan Ticona and it is tasty! Plenty of caramel and milk chocolate notes upfront with a lovely complex honeydew melon acidity. Expect a silky mouthfeel with plenty of sweetness like red apples. Juan Ticona is the owne...

    1. Juan Ticona shop.squaremilecoffee.com 19 Jan '14, 4pm
  • Cascara and caffeine

    squaremileblog.com 30 Aug '13, 2pm

    We’ve been selling Aida Batlle’s cascara for a few years now, the first time was back in 2008 when we wrote this blog post . Cascara has been a huge hit among our customers, and many other roasters have since started offering it too. Whether enjoyed hot or iced, one of the questions w...


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