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Square Mile Coffee Roasters is a multi award winning coffee roasting company  ...

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  • Relive the absurdity of the 2016 World Aeropress Championships with the W.A.C. Annual

    World Aeropress Championship Annual 2016

    shop.squaremilecoffee.com 28 Nov '16, 5pm

    Presenting the 2016 annual of the revolution that is the World Aeropress Championship. The light hearted, not-too-serious coffee competition continued its rise in 2016 with more competitors taking part than ever before. The annual summarises the whole competition - from qualifiers to ...

  • Equipment

    shop.squaremilecoffee.com 27 Nov '16, 11am

    The Zassenhaus Grinder is a conical burr grinder with stainless steel burrs ensuring both longer lasting burrs and a better grind profile to achieve a more even extraction of your favourite coffee....

  • Half our roastery tour experience places have already gone! Get in quick if you want to visit us in the new year

    Roastery experience

    shop.squaremilecoffee.com 24 Nov '16, 10am

    If you've ever wanted to tour a working coffee roastery, now is your chance! We are pleased to offer a one-time experience for 20 people to come and be part of the journey of coffee within our roastery with this four hour coffee tour experience on Saturday the 28th of January. Guests ...

  • Sigg Flask

    shop.squaremilecoffee.com 20 Nov '16, 2pm

    We've looked long and hard for the best travel flask for taking coffee out on the go, and we think we've found it with the Sigg Hot + Cold. Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, the Hot + Cold benefits from Sigg's 100 years of flask making experience and is g uaranteed to keep dri...

  • Where to drink our

    shop.squaremilecoffee.com 11 Nov '16, 1pm

    These are a few of the places where you can get our coffee served in London and the rest of the UK. The ones marked with a * normally stock our beans for sale, and if you're after a specific coffee it might be worth calling ahead to see what they have in stock. We'll keep updating the...

  • We're pleased to say we've commissioned another print run of our illustrated square mile map


    shop.squaremilecoffee.com 11 Nov '16, 5pm

    We are excited to offer a second run of our limited edition A2 print of the Square Mile of London, as seen in the 1700's. We had this map commissioned in 2015 when developing our current packaging and wanted to share the illustration as a stand alone print as we think it's great.

  • Know someone keen on coffee? Cupping spoons are back in stock!

    Cupping spoon

    shop.squaremilecoffee.com 07 Nov '16, 5pm

    Our hand finished cupping spoon is produced in Sheffield by W.Wright Silverware, which has over 90 years experience in silverworking. Featuring our griffin logo engraved on the handle, this industry standard size cupping spoon is crafted from finest stainless steel and makes a great g...

  • We're pleased to offer the Ortiz 1900 once again and this year's lot is tasting delicious!

    Ortiz 1900

    shop.squaremilecoffee.com 08 Nov '16, 12pm

    One of our favourite families in Costa Rican coffee, the four Calderon Martinez sisters are a great example of how younger generations are shaping the future of coffee production. All four of the sisters’ farms feed into the jointly run family mill, with the Ortiz 1900 plot belonging ...