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  • The beautiful backdrop to the Kagumoini factory in Nyeri.

    Kagumoini PB

    shop.squaremilecoffee.com 22 May '16, 11am

    We’re very excited to once again be able to share with you some coffee from one of our favourite Kenyan washing stations, the Kagumoini factory in Nyeri! The some 1000 members of Kagumoini are small, with only about 250 trees each on average. But with the advantage of deep, rich volca...

  • Try cascara for your Sunday brew, the La Legua tastes like stewed fruits, melon and honey!

    La Legua Cascara

    shop.squaremilecoffee.com 15 May '16, 11am

    This cascara is from the Asociación de Familias Orgánicas de los Cerros Caraigres, a cooperative of 24 families who have chosen to farm by organic principles. Established in 1996, the coop now includes alternative farming families from about 20 different areas in Tarrazu such as Aserr...

  • Be one of the first to try this delicious coffee. The Gicherori AA is roasting tomorrow!

    Gicherori AA

    shop.squaremilecoffee.com 10 May '16, 11am

    On the slopes of Mount Kenya at about 1600 metres above sea level, some 1200 small farmers grow coffee that they deliver to the Gicherori factory. A majority of farmers in Kenya are members of cooperatives who process the coffee for them, so they deliver cherry and get paid by weight,...

  • Recreio is a syrupy caramel espresso with hints of pecan and fig, perfect with milk.


    shop.squaremilecoffee.com 30 Apr '16, 11am

    We’re very excited to once again be buying coffee from Fazenda Recreio, a beautiful and multi award winning farm just outside São Sebastião da Grama in the coffee producing paradise of Vale da Grama. Currently under the supervision of agricultural engineer Diogo Teixeira de Macedo, so...

  • Our new Misuku from Malawi is super fresh with elderflower, a great melon quality and hints of toffee.


    shop.squaremilecoffee.com 02 May '16, 8am

    Close to the beautiful Songwe river that separates Malawi from Tanzania to the north, the Misuku Coop sits in the middle of the best area for coffee production in the country. Nearly 1500 smallholders from surrounding villages deliver their cherries to this washing station for pulping...

  • The 4th Short Stories is now live in the webshop, a sensational coffee and fitting finish to the series!

    Jairo Astudillo Narvaez

    shop.squaremilecoffee.com 26 Apr '16, 9am

    In the pretty Jerico Vereda of Palestina lives Jairo the owner of Finca Miranda, a 21 hectare farm where 9 hectares are planted with coffee. Jairo and his wife Greselia raised their two childen Johana and Deiner Cristian here, and are actively involved in the day to day running of the...

  • New Tanzania cascara in stock, think honeysuckle, raisins and prunes!

    Tanzania Cascara

    shop.squaremilecoffee.com 18 Apr '16, 4pm

    Aida Batlle and her outstanding coffees are well known to our customers, as is her cascara. One of our longest standing relationships, we've been buying from her family farms for years, but this one is extra special as Finca Tanzania is her own, personal farm. Her ingenuity and curios...

  • Excited to

    SCAA Flavour Wheel talk

    shop.squaremilecoffee.com 25 Apr '16, 4pm

    Emma will explain the thorough scientific process which led to the creation of a new tool that can be trusted for decades to come. The first half of the talk will focus on the development of World Coffee Research flavour lexicon. The second half of the lecture will describe the SCAA r...