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52 minutes ago ... A sick puppy sits in a bunker bitching & moaning about humanity & these United Snakes while posting YouTube crap from his pathetic youth.

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  • Jug-Eared (In-Bred?) Theocratic Buffoon Of The Day

    mbouffant.blogspot.com 14 Aug '18, 4pm

    A group of U.S. Air Force officers, enlisted personnel and civilian employees are calling for an investigation into the installation commander of Edwards Air Force Base in California, accusing him of violating Defense Department policies on religious proselytizing. On Sunday, the Mili...

  • Norma Desmond, In Her Sunset Blvd. Mansion, Watches Her Greatest Hits Over & Over & Over & Over & Over

    mbouffant.blogspot.com 06 Aug '18, 10am

    Like an NFL coach reviewing game film, Trump likes to watch replays of his debate and rally performances. But instead of looking for weaknesses in technique or for places to improve, Trump luxuriates in the moments he believes are evidence of his brilliance. Behind the scenes: Trump c...

  • It's The Economy, Moronic Dipshits!

    mbouffant.blogspot.com 03 Aug '18, 2pm

    The price of a can of Coca-Cola? Likely going up. A package of Pampers? That too. Plane tickets? They also may be more expensive. These items and more may cost more in the coming months as people start feeling the effects of higher fuel prices and raw-material costs as well as a range...

  • The Red Badge Of Wage-Slavery

    mbouffant.blogspot.com 30 Jul '18, 2pm

    Every day, tens of thousands of people stream into Google offices wearing red name badges. They eat in Google’s cafeterias, ride its commuter shuttles and work alongside its celebrated geeks. But they can’t access all of the company’s celebrated perks. They aren’t entitled to stock an...

  • WEB OF EVIL (& ENNUI): You Don't Care, You Rotten Sons-Of-Bitches, & You Know You Don't!

    ENNUI): You Don't Care, You Rotten Sons-Of-Bitches, & You Know You Don't!

    mbouffant.blogspot.com 21 Jun '18, 11pm

    Suspicious death of 10-year-old boy triggers removal of seven children from Lancaster home Americans don't give one fucking shit about their own young people :Couple to Stand Trial for Alleged Years-Long Harm to Children Perris Couple Ordered to Stand Trial for Allegedly Imprisoning, ...

  • ENNUI): Sick Fucks Unite

    mbouffant.blogspot.com 29 Apr '18, 3pm

    ? Fans of child-killing join w/ fans of child-raping: They’re back. This paper has learned exclusively that the Brooklyn Friends of the NRA, whose event featuring a gun auction was booted from two Brooklyn venues over the past couple of months after local residents and elected officia...

  • ENNUI): Wisconsin Jarhead Up-Date

    mbouffant.blogspot.com 06 May '18, 1am

    MADISON, Wis. — A defiant Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Wisconsin who is a former Marine refused to apologize Thursday amid a growing bipartisan backlash over comments he made about the military, including his questioning the "cognitive thought process" of veterans who are Democ...

  • WEB OF EVIL (& ENNUI): Ooooooooh!-Klahoma!

    mbouffant.blogspot.com 13 Sep '17, 10pm

    Former state Sen. Ralph Shortey was federally indicted Wednesday, five months after police found him in a hotel room with a 17-year-old boy. Shortey, 35, turned himself into federal authorities early Wednesday morning. The indictment filed in U.S. District Court (District of Oklahoma)...


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