La Marzocco - espresso machines handmade in florence since 1927

The Lion Still Roars! In every two Third-Wave bars in the metropolitan area one can find a filter coffee-machine of the brand La Marzocco - the quintessence of ...

Link: lamarzocco.com

  • There's more to roasting coffee than simply browning the beans: a lot of art & heart is needed!

    Coff-phenomenal diary / episode IV, by Giada Biondi

    lamarzocco.com 12 Feb '15, 4pm

    For my last training stage at Ozone Coffee Roasters, we start the day by cupping in the aim to re-invent an espresso blend, or in Courtney’s words, to nail a “killer awesome blend”. Because it’s an espresso blend, “we’re looking for balance and general niceness” she expresses. Courtne...

  • Details Matter

    Details Matter

    lamarzocco.com 02 Feb '15, 6pm

    La Marzocco, true to tradition, continues its endeavour to render its equipment user friendly and dependable, including the innovative and sophisticated technology of the Strada EP. Indeed, the pressure profile editor , an online app (http://profileeditor.lamarzocco.com ) that is acce...

  • Ever imagined the impressions of a novice to the specialty coffee world? Episode 1


    lamarzocco.com 22 Jan '15, 3pm

    Shortly after my arrival in London and a stop at the La Marzocco UK office to greet my colleagues, Estelle, our galactic espresso ambassador, took me on the “golden coffee triangle” tour in the hip, coffee-worshiping neighbourhood of Shoreditch. In the meantime, I take loads of pictur...

  • Well done to this guy. Thoroughly deserved!


    lamarzocco.com 31 Oct '14, 4pm

    For the seventh year in a row, La Marzocco awards a member of its network with the title “La Marzocco Collaborator of the Year”. Criteria include overall interaction with all departments at the factory, performance in sales in proportion to a specific market, commitment to technical s...

  • Cool! @lamarzocco finds the first machine Guiseppi Bambi (founder of LM) ever built - the Fiorenza...

    Homecoming for Giuseppe Bambi’s “Fiorenza”

    lamarzocco.com 30 Sep '14, 10pm

    Shortly before founding La Marzocco in 1927, Giuseppe Bambi built the Fiorenza, a vertical espresso machine, on commission. After losing its traces several years ago, the Fiorenza was recently discovered by staff member, Francesco Zagli, at Pasticceria Lentini, which is located near F...

  • CYCLING in the UK and good coffee. Riders take note

    CYCLIST explores the romance between coffee and cyclists.

    lamarzocco.com 06 Mar '14, 3pm

    CYCLIST explores the romance between coffee and cyclists.

  • Hello Italy, check out what will be on at the LM booth @ #WorldOfCoffeeRimini 10-12 June 2014

    Hello Italy

    lamarzocco.com 27 May '14, 12pm

    The Stradina designed specifically for the Italian market by Luca Trazzi. The Stradina, from an aesthetic point of view echoes the Strada while, from a technological point of view, it is similar to the GB/5 (AV configuration) which incorporates classic La Marzocco technology and the f...

  • LM staff dazed by all that is Songwa

    LM & friends overwhelmed by all that is Songwa

    lamarzocco.com 28 Feb '14, 2pm

    LM's Andrea Simonelli, Elena Ciuffi, Ryan Willbur, Sihat Rapi and Tommaso Berna ventured out with friends to the Songwa plantation in early February. In spite of plenty of rain, they could not help but admire the glorious plantation and colourful environs. In addition to time spent on...


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