illy: espresso coffee meets the arts and opens the mind

The world of illy combines passion for coffee quality with arts and creativity: drinking an espresso coffee becomes an intense experience that opens the mind  ...


  • illy Art Collection - The Latest Cup: The Watermill Center 06 Dec '14, 11am

    Clo’e Floirat divides her time between France and New York, working as an artist and art critic. After studying design at the Ecole Supérieure d'Art et de Design in Reims, and at the Design Accademy in Eindhoven, she spent five years living in Berlin. She studies art criticism in Lond...

  • Coffee Time - illy Community 19 Dec '14, 5pm

    L’idea di una pausa rigenerante e golosa è l’ispirazione di questo cocktail freddo, in cui l’intensità dell’espresso trova il giusto contrappunto alcolico nel gusto finissimo della vodka e nell’aroma fruttato del liquore all’essenza di arancia. Un intermezzo che una coltre di panna sh...

  • Y5 Milk Iperespresso 08 Dec '14, 3pm

    MEDIUM ROAST A quintessential balance of richness with subtle notes of chocolate and caramel. Dark Roast Bright, rich and energetic. Marked counterpoints of flavors, with pronounced chocolate aromas, blending with toast and caramel. Decaffeinated The signature taste and aromas of medi...

  • Recipes - illy Community 26 Nov '14, 1pm

    Supporting the World’s Coffee Growing Communities 22nd Ernesto Illy Prize Good for coffee. Good for the environment. Testimonials: In the Growers’ Own Words

    1. White licorice - illy Community 23 Nov '14, 4pm
  • Tequila and coffee to warm you up. Messicano recipe via @illycaffe

    Messicano - illy Community 22 Nov '14, 10pm

    1 oz coffee liqueur (30 ml) 1 oz tequila (30ml) or 2 oz Patron XO Caffè 1 shot illy espresso 2 oz heavy cream (60 ml) 2 coffee beans Instructions A tasty south-of-the-border treat with a real kick! Add the coffee liqueur and tequila (or Patron if you are using this instead) to a small...

    1. White licorice - illy Community 23 Nov '14, 4pm
  • White licorice - illy Community 23 Nov '14, 4pm

    The surprising affinity between coffee, licorice and white chocolate presents a true olfactory adventure for the senses. In this special creation, the intense, rich aroma of espresso unites with the sweet notes of cocoa and the extraordinary fragrance of licorice root with deliciously...

    1. Messicano - illy Community 22 Nov '14, 10pm
    2. Recipes - illy Community 26 Nov '14, 1pm
  • Harmony - illy Community 01 Nov '14, 3pm

    A small, sophisticated delight for both the eyes and the palate, blending three delightful layers of taste and texture in perfect harmony: dark to light in perfect symmetry. Prepare the hot chocolate in the pitcher and pour it into a small glass. Prepare the espresso directly into the...

  • Espresso Embrace - illy Community 23 Oct '14, 6pm

    A specialty coffee worthy of the "Arabian Nights" with aromas reminiscent of the Orient and the Tropics. Espresso embraces a dollop of coconut milk and meets the spicy notes of star anise dusted on a soft layer of whipped cream - a true adventure for the senses. Prepare the espresso i...

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