illy: espresso coffee meets the arts and opens the mind

The world of illy combines passion for coffee quality with arts and creativity: drinking an espresso coffee becomes an intense experience that opens the mind  ...


  • illy is the Official Coffee Partner at EXPO Milan 2015 20 Apr '15, 3pm

    is another project connected to EXPO 2015. Under the slogan “Nourishing the planet. Energy for life ” it focuses on the way that women care for others, also through feeding. The initiative features the work of Asomobi , an association of coffee producers formed in Biolley (Costa Rica)...

  • Keoke - illy Community 03 Apr '15, 9pm

    An embrace between chocolate liqueur and coffee liqueur unites with a double Espresso. The result is a harmonious, creamy drink, with graceful hints of alcohol, intense aromas and a velvety smooth softness. Add a layer of shaken cream and a pinch of cocoa, and the Keoke is ready. For ...

    1. Keoke - illy Community 03 Apr '15, 12pm
  • Bases concurso “Recicla la lata illy” 12 Apr '15, 9pm

    En un plazo de 5 días hábiles desde la selección de los 3 ganadores globales por categoría, illycaffè Spa sucursal en España contactará con dichos ganadores a través de la dirección de correo electrónico utilizada para participar en el concurso para darles a conocer que han obtenido l...

  • #illydreamers: persone che sognano un caffè migliore 14 Apr '15, 7am

    I sogni sono contagiosi, hanno la capacità di coinvolgere ed emozionare le persone. Il nostro è quello di offrire il migliore caffè al mondo. Lo raccontiamo attraverso i sogni di tutti coloro che lo condividono con illy e lo trasformano ogni giorno in realtà.

  • Calimero - illy Community 15 Mar '15, 11am

    A sober aspect, an un-showy air, cold temperatures and dark colors: Calimero seems to be a calm, quiet type. And yet this after-dinner cocktail of coffee, cognac and a cognac distilled from raspberries has surprises in store: strong and aromatic, it hides a fiery spirit under a soft l...

  • Coffee Tips - Glossary B - illy Community 06 Feb '15, 7pm

    This is a common cooking tool, useful for whipping fresh heavy cream Blender A valuable ally in all cuisines, it is used for preparing shakes , fruit sorbets , soups and sauces . In coffee-based recipes it is mostly used for making cocktails. A wide variety of models are available on ...

  • Can you guess why does Alanis Morissette use coffee as percussion? video

    A Small Section of the World - The movie 16 Jan '15, 9pm

    , illy is the executive producer of the documentary “A Small Section of the World” . Through the Ernesto Illy Foundation , illy also sponsors educational programmes for women in coffee-growing communities, which have been launched thanks to the project. The film, and the story it narr...

  • Tazas de café, set de tazas de diseño illy Art Collection 11 Apr '15, 8am

    La pasión por lo bello y bien hecho, la atención al mundo del arte contemporáneo y la excepcional calidad de la mezcla han sugerido a illy unir el placer sensorial del café el placer estético del arte. Y lo ha hecho repensando un objeto cotidiano como es la taza. Así nacen las illy Ar...

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