illy: espresso coffee meets the arts and opens the mind

The world of illy combines passion for coffee quality with arts and creativity: drinking an espresso coffee becomes an intense experience that opens the mind  ...


  • News da illy caffè: l'azienda e le sue attività 20 May '15, 7pm

    illy conferma il sostegno al Festivaletteratura e propone ai visitatori i corsi dell’Università del Caffè e i libri d’arte editi da Charta

  • #CafeGastro #JoseanAlija

    El Café Verde Según Josean Alija 19 May '15, 4pm

    Bilbao tiene una historia muy interesante en torno al bacalao, con una cerrada vinculación histórica. Este pescado ha permitido desarrollar un importante recetario que define la personalidad de la ciudad. En época de vigilia, los pescados se cocinaban en una grasa aromatizada con ajo ...

  • illy is the Official Coffee Partner at EXPO Milan 2015 20 Apr '15, 3pm

    is another project connected to EXPO 2015. Under the slogan “Nourishing the planet. Energy for life ” it focuses on the way that women care for others, also through feeding. The initiative features the work of Asomobi , an association of coffee producers formed in Biolley (Costa Rica)...

  • Keoke - illy Community 03 Apr '15, 9pm

    An embrace between chocolate liqueur and coffee liqueur unites with a double Espresso. The result is a harmonious, creamy drink, with graceful hints of alcohol, intense aromas and a velvety smooth softness. Add a layer of shaken cream and a pinch of cocoa, and the Keoke is ready. For ...

    1. Keoke - illy Community 03 Apr '15, 12pm
  • Coffee Tips - Glossary B - illy Community 06 Feb '15, 7pm

    This is a common cooking tool, useful for whipping fresh heavy cream Blender A valuable ally in all cuisines, it is used for preparing shakes , fruit sorbets , soups and sauces . In coffee-based recipes it is mostly used for making cocktails. A wide variety of models are available on ...

  • Calimero - illy Community 15 Mar '15, 11am

    A sober aspect, an un-showy air, cold temperatures and dark colors: Calimero seems to be a calm, quiet type. And yet this after-dinner cocktail of coffee, cognac and a cognac distilled from raspberries has surprises in store: strong and aromatic, it hides a fiery spirit under a soft l...

  • Can you guess why does Alanis Morissette use coffee as percussion? video

    A Small Section of the World - The movie 16 Jan '15, 9pm

    , illy is the executive producer of the documentary “A Small Section of the World” . Through the Ernesto Illy Foundation , illy also sponsors educational programmes for women in coffee-growing communities, which have been launched thanks to the project. The film, and the story it narr...

  • Recipes - illy Community 26 Nov '14, 1pm

    Supporting the World’s Coffee Growing Communities 22nd Ernesto Illy Prize Good for coffee. Good for the environment. Testimonials: In the Growers’ Own Words

    1. White licorice - illy Community 23 Nov '14, 4pm

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