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  • Read me!

    home-barista.com 16 Jan '17, 2pm

    Before accessing this forum, please review the site's Terms of use . Pay careful attention to this reminder: Terms of use wrote: The Home-Barista.com forums are provided for informational purposes only. Espresso equipment contains controls and conduits for electricity, very hot water,...

  • Trending topics

    home-barista.com 08 Jan '17, 3pm

    Just a quick intro since this is my first post. I've been lurking through lots of coffee forums for the past year and it seems this is turning into another hobby. It all started with wanting a decent cup of drip brewed coffee and the...

  • O hi there, homebrew sous-vide coffee liqueur how-to:

    Homemade coffee liqueur using sous vide

    home-barista.com 31 Dec '16, 6pm

    I'm in the midst of playing around with a method of making a high quality homemade coffee liqueur using my Anova sous vide cooker. I've made plenty of failed attempts in the past following my (cheap) family recipe of mixing instant coffee with vodka, but this is on a different level a...

  • @aeleitch and then there's the gorgeous stainless steel monolith that is the Helor 102:

    A lunar lander has just landed in my house - Helor 102

    home-barista.com 30 Dec '16, 3am

    As titled...being in Melbourne where the Helor International is located, I happened to come in contact with Brook, one of the Helor Team. Lucky for me, I've got the opportunity to test drive their large conical hand grinder! Still early days as I have just gotten/aka borrowed it yeste...

  • Dimensions of the LONDINIUM I

    home-barista.com 24 Dec '16, 7pm

    #3:Post by Londinium Espresso » Nov 29, 2012, 7:21 pm Bob_McBob wrote: According to the official drawing, the rearmost point of the lever handle is about 26-27cm behind the front of the drip tray. a key measurement that isn't on that diagram, which you're probably cursing me for, is t...

  • Just found this review on single slayer. Looks like as long as I’m portable catering, it’s not machine for me https://t.co/1anSgB08mE

    Single Group Slayer Review

    home-barista.com 23 Dec '16, 9pm

    As we have done with previous reviews, this one will be a series of blog posts that delve into various aspects of the Slayer's design, features, and performance, culminating in a final summary that is published as a brief review once complete. I'd like to begin the review with a discu...

  • @aeleitch but but but

    New Kinu grinders

    home-barista.com 30 Dec '16, 3am

    I have hands on experience with many good hand grinder like the Lido E, Hausgrind, Comandante Mk3, OE Pharos, Mahlgut and HG One. Now I would like to introduce two very interesting new hand grinders. Meet the Kinu line! The Kinu M47: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.179878443...

  • Acoustics of Coffee Roasting: Machine Learning Edition

    home-barista.com 24 Dec '16, 9am

    I've released a working implementation of the ideas presented below here. Throughout the years there have been discussions around utilizing a microphone and a computer to record audio from an ongoing roast and then alerting the user (or adjusting the roaster) when the sounds of first ...


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