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  • Kaffen brygger nå. En kanne espresso, som jeg pleier å ha om morgenen. Sterk svart kaffe er et must for meg da. https://t.co/ABP8xgS1Da

    Short History of Espresso - Espresso Guide

    home-barista.com 10 Jul '17, 3am

    But technology moves on, and this method is no longer regarded as specifically espresso, although mochapots and other steam pressured brewers continue to be marketed under the name. In the 1920s through the 1940s, Italian engineers experimented with pumping devices to increase the bre...

  • The Turning Point Project in honor of Dustin Demers. I'm in for two!

    A Turning Point Project: Andytown Coffee Roasters and Juan Pena

    home-barista.com 27 May '17, 5am

    Many of you remember the unfortunate passing of Dustin Demers, one of our own, and dear friend to me, earlier this year. Something I didn't speak of for a while was the work left behind in closing his business, Turning Point Coffee. His family sought my advice in how to go about deali...

  • You don't see original @Orphanespresso LIDOs for sale very often! I would never part with mine.

    [FS] Original OE Lido

    home-barista.com 15 May '17, 2am

    Works perfectly, some minor scratches and dings. Plastic jar lid was replaced with a more durable (metal) lid. Includes original neoprene carrying case and brush for cleaning. $100, buyer to pay shipping cost.

  • CAD files for all DECENT ESPRESSO parts will be freely available online

    Decent Espresso Machine - Page 82

    home-barista.com 01 Apr '17, 5am

    mauijer wrote: So if someone accidentally drops and breaks their ceramic piece in a few years and you've run thru the batch by that time, there's a possibility that the replacement ceramic might not fit their current machine and new metal pieces would also have to be ordered? We've be...

  • Olympia vs Pavoni - taste

    home-barista.com 16 Mar '17, 11am

    I suspect that the preference is not based on taste of the product, but on the amount of effort required to get to that taste as well as the tendency of La Pavoni to "cheapen" their product in time. The Pavoni cheapening has led to an overall decline in product quality in my opinion. ...

  • Uses and Abuses of Refractometers

    home-barista.com 31 Mar '17, 10pm

    1. Gauge the economic yield of a grinder. Economic yield is the amount of raw material needed for a unit of beverage or a gram of instant coffee. A higher EY achieved with a grinder or a roast profile means you'll need less raw coffee for an identical output. Example: Identical shots ...

  • Beginning of what may become an epic restoration story.

    3 x Vintage lever find in South Africa

    home-barista.com 27 Feb '17, 11am

    I haven't posted in years. I have been busy moving my roastery and opening more shops so not much time for rebuilds and coffee geekery. But two days I managed to bag three vintage levers in South Africa, which is very rare to do because we don't have a very old coffee culture here and...

  • Weird case of salty espresso

    home-barista.com 13 Mar '17, 11am

    Coffee has no salt; so the salty taste is a kind of "bright" bitterness. As Al says, It is exacerbated by underextracted, especially very ristretto shots of lighter roasts. However, people who always drink very light roasted shots have some of it in all shots and tend to become habitu...


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