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  • Acoustics of Coffee Roasting: Machine Learning Edition - Page 2

    home-barista.com 28 Aug '16, 2am

    btreichel wrote: Interesting! Any idea if it will need to be trained for each machine that its on. I'm asking because i'm presuming that its learning and suppressing the background noise from the target. I would presume, that if the algorithm is robust enough the answer would be no. I...

  • Does anyone roast by hand?

    home-barista.com 16 Jul '16, 4am

    It is possible, I'm using an Illy can mounted on a cordless drill over a camp,stove. That rig gives me great results in approx 9-10 minutes and can hold up to 200-250 grams per batch. I started out using an IR gun to measure temps but gave that up quickly as it is a hands on job. It t...

  • User Experience: Helor 101 Hand Grinder

    home-barista.com 11 Sep '16, 4am

    So this morning, I decided to take a little departure from the Monolith extravaganza that has been going on in my world for the last 9 days. That has been an amazing adventure, and will continue to be so for the indefinite future. This thread is not about Monoliths - mostly. My aunt, ...

  • Do you add sugar to espresso?

    home-barista.com 06 Feb '16, 5pm

    It is really a matter of personal preference. Purists will say no, but I consider myself one and I still add sugar to most of the espresso I drink. Whether you do or don't, the important thing here is to disregard the dogma and do what tastes better for you. I've written plenty about ...

  • Here's a used @slayerespresso (single group) machine for sale:

    [FS] Slayer single group

    home-barista.com 16 Dec '15, 3pm

    [FS] Slayer single group 200-240 VAC Single phase 2000 W. This single group has less than a year and was used for about 3 espresso daily (coffee consumption not enough to justify such a machine). It is sold with an extra double spout portafilter (handle from Slayer, ceramic portafilte...

  • Tim Wendelboe on Roasting/Pourover/Espresso/Cupping [videos + index]

    home-barista.com 01 Oct '15, 5am

    The samples this year yielded many stellar coffees, a few which weren't even geisha cultivars. The shipping is via DHL and super fast and there was about 26 or 27 samples in total, half of which, were the geisha cultivars Tim spoke of. There's two things that stand out that I really l...

  • Playa Espresso Cart - Conclusion!

    home-barista.com 28 Sep '15, 11pm

    (completion of thread "Playa Espresso Cart" started in 2012, with most recent post in 2013) First Post: Playa Espresso Cart 1 - Art Cart Concept Last Post: Playa Espresso Cart 7 - Hot Water! The goal was to produce a manually pumped, propane powered espresso machine that did not requi...

  • "The Ratio was the clear winner."

    Ratio Eight Brewer Review

    home-barista.com 02 Mar '16, 9pm

    Ratio was the obvious winner during the first round. This wasn't as surprising as the second round - I say this because we tend to think about home brewers as more stable in terms of the variables that come into play during the brewing process. Besides grind, water quality, and quanti...


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