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  • Junk Science finally hits coffee

    home-barista.com 12 Feb '17, 2pm

    Yeah that checks a lot of the boxes. What stands out to me is the mention of "toxicity" which has become the alt-health bugaboo. Another way the woo science is impacting coffee I've heard of is the "alkaline water" craze. I was initially curious since theoretically that might have an ...

  • Profitec Pro 800 Review

    home-barista.com 22 Jan '17, 2am

    As noted earlier in the review, the initial test coffees were supplied by Caffè Lusso. Following the Favorite Espressos 2016 featuring their coffee, they're frequently recommended by other site members. While perusing their site, I noticed they sold Bosco espresso equipment, which sha...

  • When the favorite doesn't win group taste test, fairness questions arise. Are we comparing absolutes or real world?

    Best method for comparing home espresso machines?

    home-barista.com 19 Jan '17, 12pm

    For years I've been testing espresso machines and grinders and writing reviews. One of the highlights of the research phase is a group taste test, frequently held at Counter Culture's training center in Durham, NC. The tasting itself is done blinded, i.e., we discreetly mark the botto...

  • Read me!

    home-barista.com 16 Jan '17, 2pm

    Before accessing this forum, please review the site's Terms of use . Pay careful attention to this reminder: Terms of use wrote: The Home-Barista.com forums are provided for informational purposes only. Espresso equipment contains controls and conduits for electricity, very hot water,...

  • Quest M3 Buying Decision

    home-barista.com 05 Feb '17, 6pm

    Instead of upgrading my espresso machine or grinder, I am leaning towards buying a roaster. I dreamt of building a roaster of my own for two years now, but it doesn't seem that it's going to happen, therefore, I finally decided that I would go for a roaster at Eid ul-Fitr (one month f...

  • Trending topics

    home-barista.com 08 Jan '17, 3pm

    Just a quick intro since this is my first post. I've been lurking through lots of coffee forums for the past year and it seems this is turning into another hobby. It all started with wanting a decent cup of drip brewed coffee and the...

  • O hi there, homebrew sous-vide coffee liqueur how-to:

    Homemade coffee liqueur using sous vide

    home-barista.com 31 Dec '16, 6pm

    I'm in the midst of playing around with a method of making a high quality homemade coffee liqueur using my Anova sous vide cooker. I've made plenty of failed attempts in the past following my (cheap) family recipe of mixing instant coffee with vodka, but this is on a different level a...

  • @aeleitch and then there's the gorgeous stainless steel monolith that is the Helor 102:

    A lunar lander has just landed in my house - Helor 102

    home-barista.com 30 Dec '16, 3am

    As titled...being in Melbourne where the Helor International is located, I happened to come in contact with Brook, one of the Helor Team. Lucky for me, I've got the opportunity to test drive their large conical hand grinder! Still early days as I have just gotten/aka borrowed it yeste...


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