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  • California Grown Coffee: Touring Good Land Organics Farm - Knockbox

    home-barista.com 19 Oct '14, 4pm

    No, but my initial search for passion fruit, which led me to the website for the farm, also led me to amazon.com to buy the proper concentrate that I needed for my recipe (it was a New York style cheesecake with a bit of passion fruit added as well as some kiwi slices and blackberries...

  • Started review of Vesuvius by Ambient Espresso, sponsored by @ChrisCoffeeServ. Next is group taste test results

    Vesuvius Espresso Machine Review - Reviews

    home-barista.com 12 Oct '14, 5pm

    Given the cost of the Vesuvius and its significant size, it is shipped via common carrier strapped to a pallet. Shipping this way costs a bit extra and requires that you can accept such deliveries at your residence. Pallet deliveries should not be a problem for a single family dwellin...

  • Turn your French press into a French pull - Coffee Brewing

    home-barista.com 15 Aug '14, 6am

    I am living in a temporary apartment while my house is finished up. All my espresso gear is in storage except for my Cimbali Max and press pot. The one problem I have had with a press is that the coffee always has a bitter twang ala over extracted. I have changed grind, steep, tempera...

  • Matt Perger's mind blowing WBC performance - Tips and Techniques - Page 9

    home-barista.com 25 Aug '14, 8am

    kmills wrote: By meaningful I am saying I don't think that segregation, under typical scenarios, would be a contributor to failure/success of the mechanics of extraction (channeling etc.) or to flavor in the cup. Your picture is compelling but I wonder if it has to do with the small b...

  • Kenya coffee brewing best practice/methods - Coffee Brewing

    home-barista.com 27 May '14, 3am

    Good question; but I'm not sure for what you are looking, the basic type of brewing method or the specific recipe, For brewing method, I like Kenyas more as French Press or in any other steeping method than as drip coffee or any percolation method. For recipe, I like to brew them a li...

  • Today I went a little MacGyver on an @ablebrewing "heat lid" and adapted it for use with @Orphanespresso's LIDO 2:

    LIDO 2 Mods - Grinders - Page 7

    home-barista.com 30 Jun '14, 1am

    Ok, I've got a half-decent suggestion for a popper stopper/lid. While cleaning out the coffee cupboard today, I found a rubber "heat lid" that I'd bought maybe a year ago from Able for use in my Kalita Wave carafe. It's designed for Chemex; here's the link: http://ablebrewing.com/coll...

  • @CeriniCoffee recently joined HB sponsors, representing Olympia Express. Welcome Johnny!

    Demo Olympia Maximatic 2009 for Sale - Marketplace

    home-barista.com 27 Jul '14, 6pm

    We currently have a like new Olympia Maximatic 2009 for sale. The unit has not made more than 100 cups, and I have personally tested it to make sure everything was perfect. Beside a few minor minor hairline scratches, the machine is in like new condition. Please visit our website for ...

  • Compak K10 WBC grinder - user report - Grinders

    home-barista.com 26 Jul '14, 9pm

    More than a month ago two glorious events happened upon me. First, I received my new grinder, a big conical (68 mm), the Compak K10 WBC. Shortly after that, my trusted dealer (Van Pommeren in Utrecht) gave me a La Marzocco single basket. Using the K10 made me a very satisfied man; the...


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