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  • The top ten review of 2013 is up at with special guest star @HasBeanNewBoy

    Bean Top Ten Coffees 2013

    hasblog.co.uk 01 Jan '14, 4pm

    Every year I do a review of my top ten favourite coffees of the year Its a lonely thing so I decided to invite Roland (one of the roasters with us at Has Bean) along to review the year with me. I hope you enjoy Share on Twitter Liked this one? You may want to check out these ones too ...

  • MERRY MIDNIGHT! Head on over to :) Wondering what it's all been about?


    hasblog.co.uk 01 Dec '13, 12am

    Merry Christmas, its that time of year again. We have turned on our Christmas decorations, we hope you approve. So its the last of the guest blends, we have had 12 months of fun, and it seems only right to thank you all for that fun. The Christmas Present Blend is a gift. Its a single...

  • Another grown up blog post, this time on Colombia


    hasblog.co.uk 11 Nov '13, 9pm

    All these states in Colombia share the spine of the Andes Mountains, which splits into three mountain ranges. This spine carries on through Peru and Bolivia, and manages to produce some of my favourite coffees. It was always thought that the Caturra varietal was the best for these reg...

  • The gift that was missing from your christmas stockings

    Bean Top Trumps

    hasblog.co.uk 28 Dec '13, 3pm

    Bored of the holiday season, broke all your christmas present toys, can not bear another game of snap with granny or patince on your own ? Then we have the solution for you, Has Bean Top trumps, with more in jokes than an episode of the Simpsons. Feel free to ask why Buffalo toaster i...

  • FREE Espresso Training Book

    hasblog.co.uk 11 Jun '13, 8am

    In April we released an E Book for Ipad owners to read and enjoy. Apparently not all of you share my apple addiction, so we have managed to export this into a hand PDF so you can all stop being angry at me now. We get asked about how to prepare espresso a lot, what the best recipes ar...

  • Win stuff

    hasblog.co.uk 25 Jan '14, 4pm

    ........ warning - we like cats, and they are clever, make sure you have their permission!!!!! ......... A promo for our blog/customers – Steve is in El Salvador floating between different wifi connections but the goal is to post the below some point on sunday along with our weekly vi...

  • I am pleased to have this blog post up on Pacamaras with us having this on the site


    hasblog.co.uk 09 Oct '13, 8am

    Secondly, Pacamaras tend to roast at slightly lower temperatures than other bean types. This is a trend they share with the other large bean varietal, Maragogype. They go through the same processes as other beans, but typically the beans will be a few degrees Celsius cooler when they ...

  • Novembers guest blend is launched with suitably stupid video to go with it

    Must Dash Blend

    hasblog.co.uk 01 Nov '13, 3pm

    This is the 11th in a new line of guest coffee blends that we are introducing in 2013. Each month there will be a new blend, for which there will be an original label in a different style of bag, and of which there will only be 500 made. Each bag will be marked with a unique, limited ...


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