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  • Recycling is important, but with coffee bags its hard, find out how you can at our blog post here

    Recycling coffee bags – Has Blog

    hasblog.co.uk 17 Jul '17, 10am

    I think we can all agree now that recycling is a very important part of everyday life. Resourses are not infante, and ladfill gets, well ….. full. Its always something thats bugged me about coffee bags, that becuase of the way they are made, they can not easily be recylcled. We have t...

  • In My Mug reboot – Has Blog

    hasblog.co.uk 11 Jul '17, 12pm

    Its been months in the making (literally) but you may have noticed the past few weeks In My Mug http:/wwww.inmymug.com has changed. After 449 episodes it felt like it was really time to shake up the format. I know I’ve done this a few times (shaking it up), but this feel the most dras...

  • Guest blog post from @fincaargentina raises some interesting questions about child labour on coffee farms

    Child labour and coffee harvesting – Has Blog

    hasblog.co.uk 07 Jun '17, 9am

    I’ve really been enjoying writing recently, and its been great starting to publish things on the blog again. I’ve also started write a book (have I told you about my book http://coffeeography.co.uk ). I never realised writing a book could be so time consuming, so it means the flow of ...

    1. Coffee Jobs Board Update jimseven.com 07 Jun '17, 2pm
  • I so pleased it's now being referred to as "that blog post" #Troublemaker

    Bad loser and sour grapes – Has Blog

    hasblog.co.uk 09 May '17, 10am

    This is the part that frustrated me the most (and drove me to drink on the night after results). I went in to get my feedback and it was delivered by two of the judges who I personally really like and know are good people. They asked me where I felt I could have done better and I knew...

  • Artikel Ngupi-Ngupi Terbaru: Red Giant sets off into the Sunset

    Red Giant sets off into the Sunset – Has Blog

    hasblog.co.uk 28 Jul '17, 1pm

    The new blends launched a few months ago and you seem to be enjoying them. I know I have been. I did a blogpost back in April explaining about our new blends and how going forwards we would be rotating and reinventing some of them. Its time for Red Giant to take a bow as we welcome in...

  • Rattleware Cupping Brewer, Brew Guide

    hasblog.co.uk 24 Mar '17, 9am

    Our brew guides continue to be one of the busiest parts of our website. Everyone wants to get the very best out their coffee, and the guides are the perfect level to start your brewing and develop your own method from here. Every now and again a new brewer hits the market, and more th...

  • A Bolivia monologue

    hasblog.co.uk 17 Sep '16, 7am

    A few weeks back I was lucky enough to spend some time in Bolivia. Bolivia has become one of my favourite country’s in the world to visit, and in fact was my 10th time in ten years. No where in the world is like Bolivia, the landscape, the people and the unique issues surrounding coff...

  • Brexit hangover

    Brexit hangover

    hasblog.co.uk 21 Oct '16, 10am

    Price, nobody likes it when prices go up (apart from the person who benefits), but what if no one is benefiting? Normally there’s a winner somewhere, coffee producers raising the money they charge, roasters wanting to make more money, costs rising so some other sector is getting more ...


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