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  • Artikel Ngupi-Ngupi Terbaru dari Feedly: Show me the money

    Show me the money

    hasblog.co.uk 21 Apr '15, 11am

    This is the blog post no-one wants to write. It’s about prices going up. Not on all coffee; over the year we have slowly, slowly upped single origin prices and I expect them to level out a little now. But blend prices and starter pack prices have become cut-off from their single origi...

  • Vincent Paye from Bolivia Copacabana

    hasblog.co.uk 18 Apr '15, 10pm

    Vincent Paye from Bolivia Copacabana Vincent is a coffee producer in Caranarvi who is pushing the envelope for production in the area. Which is unusual as in Boliva there are few doing a good job let alone pushing the boundaries. Bolivia is a tough place t0 grow coffee, so we are very...

  • SSSSS Last chance

    hasblog.co.uk 28 Feb '15, 10am

    ver the past few months I’ve had many many emails about my Super Secret Stash subscription, most about how amazing the coffee was but also a fair chunk from people who were sad that they’d missed the boat and wanted to join. Now I never like to make people sad or upset so I put on my ...

  • Moka Pot Brew Guide

    hasblog.co.uk 05 Apr '15, 4pm

    Our next brew guide comes from the much malined and under appreciated moka pot. When viewed as its own unique brewing method, it can give you tasty and delicious coffee and is a brewing treat. Because each pot is very different from each other I’ve shied away from weights and volumes,...

  • A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March

    hasblog.co.uk 25 Feb '15, 9am

    A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March What’s a Shakespeare quote got to do with coffee? Well to be honest nothing much really but it involves the word March and that’s the key. Every week throughout March I’m going to be releasing a new blend! I can tell you now that 1 will b...

    1. The Ides of March hasbean.co.uk 08 Mar '15, 4pm
  • Artikel Ngupi-Ngupi Terbaru dari Feedly: A small post on some big work at El Limon

    A small post on some big work at El Limon

    hasblog.co.uk 02 Mar '15, 9am

    Beto is one of the most amazing producers we buy from as he really reacts to feedback from us. A conversation a couple of years ago about his Pacamara, and if we had more, I believed we could sell more. This year he took me to the newly cultivated part of the farm with 20,000 pacamara...

  • Bean Top Ten 2014

    hasblog.co.uk 01 Jan '15, 12am

    Every year I do a top ten coffees for the year, for the second time I’m joined by Roland Glew one of my roasting team. where we tend to agree a lot. But it does show its been an amazing year for delicious coffee.

  • Ask Stevee pt 4

    hasblog.co.uk 05 Jan '15, 11am

    Carrying on stealing all the good idea that Gary Vaynerchuk ever has, this is my rip off of the #AskGaryVee show. But I know nothing of social media so I’m answering everything else. Feel free to email, tweet, or comment questions below


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