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  • Flash Back Friday 2 back to 2007

    hasblog.co.uk 25 Jul '14, 10pm

    Flash Back Friday 2 back to 2007 Part two of flashback friday, looking back at amazing things that have happened in the world of Has Bean. This week we take a look 2007 and the time my new roaster arrived (my probat L25) it was an exciting time then and its exciting to me now. so plea...

  • Flashback Friday

    hasblog.co.uk 18 Jul '14, 3pm

    All the best ideas come over coffee or beer. This one was over beer last night with Dale. We decided that and every friday, were going to look back at a photo or a blog post or something that was happening during this week over the previous years. I’m very excited to start this, I hop...

  • A small post on Bolivia Machacamarca

    hasblog.co.uk 08 Jul '14, 10am

    So as that title say’s this is going to be a very small post, but sprucing up this blog, I read over some of the older posts (I really think you should too, I used to write some ok stuff), and I realised I had not told you there latest news and what is happening at Machacamrca in Boli...

  • Ibrik / Cezve

    hasblog.co.uk 14 Jul '14, 12pm

    As I’ve already said I have kind of neglected this blog for a long time. But I have still been creating content, lots of it. One of the most popular things we have done is our brew guides. Now a brew guide is not a verbatim way to make all coffee (as some guides will have you believe)...

  • Viva El Salvador

    hasblog.co.uk 05 Jul '14, 9pm

    I am a very happy boy, I am very happy as my first of the two El Salvador containers have arrived. This year its taken an awful lot of work, a lot more work than normal. We have quite a few relationships in El Salvador so that can make it hard, and all of them being consolidated in a ...

  • The top ten review of 2013 is up at with special guest star @HasBeanNewBoy

    Bean Top Ten Coffees 2013

    hasblog.co.uk 01 Jan '14, 4pm

    Every year I do a review of my top ten favourite coffees of the year Its a lonely thing so I decided to invite Roland (one of the roasters with us at Has Bean) along to review the year with me. I hope you enjoy Share on Twitter Liked this one? You may want to check out these ones too ...

  • Another grown up blog post, this time on Colombia


    hasblog.co.uk 11 Nov '13, 9pm

    All these states in Colombia share the spine of the Andes Mountains, which splits into three mountain ranges. This spine carries on through Peru and Bolivia, and manages to produce some of my favourite coffees. It was always thought that the Caturra varietal was the best for these reg...

  • MERRY MIDNIGHT! Head on over to :) Wondering what it's all been about?


    hasblog.co.uk 01 Dec '13, 12am

    Merry Christmas, its that time of year again. We have turned on our Christmas decorations, we hope you approve. So its the last of the guest blends, we have had 12 months of fun, and it seems only right to thank you all for that fun. The Christmas Present Blend is a gift. Its a single...


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