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  • I’ve finally got rid of @HasBeanNewBoy but we still get to hear what he’s up to

    Rolands Glew’s Costa Rica Adventure |

    hasblog.co.uk 09 May '15, 7pm

    I don’t remember a time I’ve ever let someone else loose on my blog, its my blog after all. But Roland (one of my roasting team) is on his first ever trip to origin in Costa Rica as part of the Cup of excellence jury, and I think this is something we should share with you all. so I’ve...

  • Artikel Ngupi-Ngupi Terbaru dari Feedly: Roland’s Diary. the last day ……

    Roland’s Diary. the last day ……

    hasblog.co.uk 17 May '15, 8am

    The last day of Cup of Excellence Costa Rica 2015 started as early as the others, but this time we only had one cupping session. By this point, we had selected the top 10, so our task for the day was to give them final scores and descriptions for use when they are put up to auction. F...

  • Roland continues to take over my blog

    Roland day 2 of Costa Rica

    hasblog.co.uk 10 May '15, 6pm

    As you know, this is my blog, but for this week Roland takes over with his tales of Costa Rica and his first origin trip, please enjoy………………… I’ve been given a day off, but yesterday provided plenty for 2 posts! My second day in Costa Rica was all about my first visit to a coffee farm...

  • Artikel Ngupi-Ngupi Terbaru dari Feedly: Show me the money

    Show me the money

    hasblog.co.uk 21 Apr '15, 11am

    This is the blog post no-one wants to write. It’s about prices going up. Not on all coffee; over the year we have slowly, slowly upped single origin prices and I expect them to level out a little now. But blend prices and starter pack prices have become cut-off from their single origi...

  • Vincent Paye from Bolivia Copacabana

    hasblog.co.uk 18 Apr '15, 10pm

    Vincent Paye from Bolivia Copacabana Vincent is a coffee producer in Caranarvi who is pushing the envelope for production in the area. Which is unusual as in Boliva there are few doing a good job let alone pushing the boundaries. Bolivia is a tough place t0 grow coffee, so we are very...

  • Artikel Ngupi-Ngupi Terbaru dari Feedly: Roland day 2 continued

    Roland day 2 continued

    hasblog.co.uk 11 May '15, 9am

    The Roland Glew takeover continues with more fun and frolics in Costa Rica After an enlightening and beautiful drive, Weiner and I arrived at Cafe ARBAR – the farm of Carlos Arrieta and his family. Carlos, his wife and their children Karen & Jose Ignacio came out to welcome us and he ...

    1. Roland day 2 of Costa Rica hasblog.co.uk 10 May '15, 6pm
  • SSSSS Last chance

    hasblog.co.uk 28 Feb '15, 10am

    ver the past few months I’ve had many many emails about my Super Secret Stash subscription, most about how amazing the coffee was but also a fair chunk from people who were sad that they’d missed the boat and wanted to join. Now I never like to make people sad or upset so I put on my ...

  • via Has Blog

    Rolands Diary day 3

    hasblog.co.uk 12 May '15, 3pm

    I’m writing this at the end of day 4, which is the end of the first day of the International Jury of the Costa Rica Cup of Excellence 2015. The competition started with an Inauguration meeting – which was a chance to hear from and meet some of the people running the Speciality Coffee ...


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