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  • A look at how coffee culture in Australia has shifted toward quality. @tobysestate @proudmarycoffee

    Agents of Change

    freshcup.com 06 May '13, 9pm

    Australia will be receiving much of the specialty-coffee universe’s attention this month, as the nation hosts the 2013 World Barista Championship, May 22-26 at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo. The Land Down Under—with a particular focus on Melbourne, the country’s coffee epice...

  • Leader of the Little Guys: Smallholder farmer talks about achieving climate-friendly verification via @freshcupmag

    Leader of the Little Guys

    freshcup.com 01 May '13, 7pm

    Group of smallholder farmers in Guatemala is first to grab Climate Friendly verification By Dan Leif When specialty-coffee experts start discussing issues at origin, two topics often get mentioned before all else: climate change and the increasing susceptibility of small farmers. At t...

  • Valuing the Visceral

    freshcup.com 03 Sep '12, 2pm

    Joseph Brodsky, a former green buyer for Denver roaster Novo, started Ninety Plus Coffee in 2006. The idea was to work with producers and mills in Ethiopia to help process and effectively export top-quality beans from a country notorious for flavor but also for logistics problems. Sin...

  • Our friend @andrewbbarnett on his new shop, @linea_caffe, in @FreshCupMag

    Back to the Grind

    freshcup.com 08 Jun '13, 11pm

    Andrew Barnett discusses his new shop and the value of not appealing to everyone By Chris Ryan This month Andrew Barnett will open the doors of Linea Caffe, an espresso bar in San Francisco’s Mission District. It’s the new project from the veteran coffee pro who is best known for Ecco...

  • A Statement in Every Sip

    freshcup.com 02 Jan '13, 11pm

    In coffee and tea, the names bestowed upon individual blends and roasts typically reference flavors or producers. But Ithaca, N.Y.-based Gimme Coffee recently rolled out a coffee with a moniker that instead plays up politics—and the company’s environmentalist position. The offering is...

  • Our Holiday Blend is featured in this article by Fresh Cup Magazine!

    Rethinking a Tired Tradition

    freshcup.com 03 Dec '12, 8pm

    Olympia Coffee’s yearly Holiday Blend plays up producers, not peppermint By Dan Leif For many roasters and tea packers, developing the holiday blend has become routine: create a product that has flavors hearkening yuletide traditions, package it in an eye-catching format and get it in...

    1. Christmas Blend | starbucksstore.com 03 Dec '12, 2am
  • Great article on our success this past weekend from our friends at Fresh Cup! #NWRBC

    Fresh Cup Magazine - News & Events

    freshcup.com 03 Feb '12, 12am

    When Devin Chapman discovered last May that he had failed to advance to the finals of the United States Barista Championship in Houston, he instantly turned his eyes to the next season of barista competition. He meticulously reviewed his semifinal-round score sheets with the judges, t...

  • Fresh Cup magazine quotes roaster on FT infighting: "The split...will certainly turn more roasters against Fair Trade."

    A Permanent Divide?

    freshcup.com 05 Jun '12, 9pm

    in fair-trade coffee is starting to reach a point where consumers are likely to take notice (and perhaps become confused). On one side of the argument sits Fair Trade USA, the licensing and certifying organization that recently split with its longtime global partner Fairtrade Internat...


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