3 days ago ... Trying to find something to say about my pending race, because I feel like there should be words here for it. 50 miles is a long way, longĀ ...

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  • Past as Prologue

    baristing.blogspot.com 21 Apr '14, 5am

    When running, I typically think about running. Not the act I am specifically indulging in at that moment, always. Not form neurosis, or even basic systems checks. Usually, it's past races and future races. Why certain things went well, and other things didn't. Today, while jogging aro...

  • Eisenhower Marathon Race Report and General Bitching

    baristing.blogspot.com 12 Apr '14, 8pm

    I'm not mad. I'm just disappointed. I don't believe my parents ever said this exact thing, but it does float around our collective social vocabulary. And it fits, in this case. To get it out the way, 3:21:something. I don't care to wait until I get an official time, so this will suffi...

  • Some Good Things

    baristing.blogspot.com 14 Apr '14, 4am

    I always go back and read everything I post, one day later. It's always interesting, not because I'm quite that narcissistic, but because doing so provides me with a perspective that is now gone, and would forever be somewhat unknown even to me, where some aspect of it not committed t...

  • This Post is About Music You Will Hate, Skip Accordingly

    baristing.blogspot.com 21 Mar '14, 4am

    Because someone texted me, asking what the picture at the top of this blog is: Probably don't actually click play, though, since you'll probably hate it. Most people do. Anyway, it's the cover to Wodensthrone's Loss , an atmospheric black metal album from England. It's the sort of thi...

  • Repeats are neither novel nor sprints

    baristing.blogspot.com 20 Feb '14, 12am

    Another note, regarding my visit to the track last night, which itself requires a preface, of sorts. This, already, is too much setup for a rather nothing post. So. I returned to my gym, post-track, because I ran from there in the first place. Nominally, this was so I could do some ge...

  • In Which I See a Bald Eagle

    baristing.blogspot.com 24 Mar '14, 11am

    There are things on a Kansas run that one, perhaps knowing little of the state, expects. A semi-industrial crop field to the left of a flat gravel road fits within that assumed aesthetic, and so it was, as I trundled along. A bald eagle swooping overhead, very near, near enough that I...

  • Choking on Wind

    baristing.blogspot.com 17 Jan '14, 11pm

    It was at mile 12 that I swallowed the wind, that it choked me, that I would have laughed, if I could, but only leaned gamely forward, tilting at such an angle that I could not have stood, much less run, if not for the force pressing back the other way. Thirty five miles an hour, spel...

  • Baristing: Post Half

    Post Half

    baristing.blogspot.com 17 Mar '14, 1am

    River Rotation Half Marathon this morning. A windy, rolling, bike trail that skirts the river in North Lawrence. Wind chill below freezing, a little damp. Ground moist for the most part, slick here and there, intermittent puddles. Ran 1:31:57, which won by about thirty seconds. Second...