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  • Learn all about our new tea! Oolong Coconut

    Oolong Coconut | Argo Tea Blog

    argotea.com 25 Aug '13, 10am

    Oolong coconut is a new twist on a classic tea. It is made with Oolong tea from China, not Taiwan like our Oolong Formosa . It is made with organic cocoa husks, licorice root, coconut flakes, natural coconut flavor, cornflower petals, natural vanilla flavor, and natural hazelnut flavo...

  • What you need to know about Acai Berries and how you can incorporate them into your diet!

    Acai Berries | Argo Tea Blog

    argotea.com 23 Aug '13, 11pm

    So what exactly are acai berries? The Acai Berry grows on the top of a sixty foot palm tree in the floodplains of the Amazon River. These berries are actually a seed surrounded by a thin pulp which are relative in size to a blueberry, and the pulp is the fruit that we use in our drink...

  • Argo Tea

    argotea.com 19 Mar '13, 2pm

    Argo Tea is proud to support our TEAm, along with other local Chicago artists, in their artistic expression. We are committed to making a difference in our local and global communities by providing a channel for artists to reach out to new audiences. We believe that each expression of...

  • Nata de Coco --> Ever wonder what the bubbles in Argo Tea's Bubble Tea are made of? And why are they square?

    Nata de Coco | Argo Tea Blog

    argotea.com 28 Sep '13, 12am

    Ever wonder what the bubbles in Argo Tea’s Bubble Tea are made of? Nata de coco (a product of the Philippines) is actually produced by the fermentation of coconut water. It is highly regarded for its high dietary fiber, and its low fat and zero cholesterol content. They are also vegan...

  • Our own unique line of all-natural, nutritionally balanced fresh foods & baked goods, made w tea-infused ingredients!

    Argo Tea Caf | Serving Healthy Signature Drinks in Chicago and New York

    argotea.com 03 Aug '13, 1am

    Our own unique line of all-natural and nutritionally-balanced fresh foods and baked goods, made with tea-infused ingredients and Argo Tea signature flavors.

  • Argo Tea

    argotea.com 22 Oct '12, 8pm

    Quickly steamed after picking, Green Tea has all the flavor and nutrition of the leaf sealed inside, with very little oxidation occurring. The leaf is delicate, so it should be brewed in water far below boiling – we recommend taking your kettle off the burner for 5-7 minutes after you...

  • Use DD &Try the new Mango Mateccino @argotea in the ARC & 10% of proceeds will go to VH1 Save the music charitea

    Argo Tea

    argotea.com 18 Jul '12, 5pm

    Beginnings ChariTea®,the idea of donating proceeds of our Seasonal drink sales first came to us through one of our TeaMembers. We take our Team

  • 7 Facts You May Not Know About Chamomile

    Chamomile Tea | Argo Tea Blog

    argotea.com 18 Sep '13, 8am

    At the end of the night you are looking to settle down after your long day of work, and Chamomile tea is the perfect drink to relax you. From ancient times to modern times, chamomile is a plant known to heal! It has a pleasant odor, and an even more pleasing taste. From cosmetics, to ...


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