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  • Guatemala La Bolsa Ventana Chica

    49thparallelroasters.com 05 Jul '13, 5pm

    La Bolsa is the name of the farm that has been in the Vides family since Dr Jorge Vides bought the farm in 1958. Currently it is run by Jorge’s daughter Maria Elena Vides and grandson Renardo Ovalle. La Bolsa is located in La Libertad, Huehuetenango, which is right next to another par...

  • Kenya Gatomboya PB

    49thparallelroasters.com 06 Sep '13, 5pm

    12oz Producer: Around 1000 smallholder farmers Location: Karatina, Nyeri Altitude: 1700 m.a.s.l. Varieties: SL28 and SL34 The Gatomboya washing station is located north of Nairobi, around three kilometers outside the town of Karatina in the Nyeri district. With deep, fertile soils ric...

  • Kenya Tegu

    49thparallelroasters.com 04 Oct '13, 10pm

    Kirimukuyu in Nyeri, Kenya Coffea Arabica, SL 28 and SL 34 At the foot of Mount Kenya, the Tegu washing station receive cherry from around 900 small holder farmers with an average of 250 coffee trees each. In the loamy, volcanic soil in the area, the farmers are growing the varieties ...

  • Costa Rica La Guaria

    49thparallelroasters.com 27 Sep '13, 5pm

    Producers: Navarro Ceciliano Family Location: Santa Cruz de Leon Cortez, Terrazu Altitude: 1700 - 1750 m.a.s.l. Varieties: Caturra, Catuai La Guaria is a small family farm located in Santa Cruz de Leon Cortez in the Terrazu region of Costa Rica. the Navarro Ceciliano family have an ad...

  • Colombia El Roble – Organic

    49thparallelroasters.com 03 May '13, 6pm

    12 oz. PRODUCER: Oswaldo Acevedo LOCATION: Mesa de los Santos, Santander ALTITUDE: 1500 m.a.s.l. VARIETIES: Caturra, Bourbon & Typica In the northern part of Colombia, in the department of Santander, El Roble is situated on the plateau called Mesa do los Santos. The farm is a 740 acre...

  • Old School Espresso

    49thparallelroasters.com 16 Nov '12, 5pm

    Old School Espresso® is perfect for those who prefer low acidity and full body. Dark chocolate aroma with profound flavours of cocoa, caramel and molasses. As of November 13th, 2012, Old School Espresso® consists of: Ethiopia Jimma Tencho & Welinso Local heirloom 1650-2000 m.a.s.l. Gu...

    1. 105 Espresso - Melbourne, beanhunter.com 17 Nov '12, 4am
  • Porlex Mini Hand Mill

    49thparallelroasters.com 07 Mar '13, 6pm

    Great for travel or portable use. No electricity or batteries needed. No heat or static from motors. 5'' in height Stainless steel body Ceramic adjustable burrs ~25 gram capacity

  • Old School Espresso Subscription

    49thparallelroasters.com 05 Feb '13, 11pm

    Every month, we'll send out three 16oz bags of Old School Espresso. The first shipment will come in a cedar box with our logo engraved on the front the same style as a wine crate. Coffees will be shipped at time of purchase. All subsequent shipments will be shipped the same day each m...

    1. Old School Espresso 49thparallelroasters.com 08 Feb '13, 10pm


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