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  • Lavazza Super Crema Espresso Beans | Lavazza Whole Bean Coffee

    1stincoffee.com 01 Apr '17, 12pm

    Lavazza Super Crema espresso beans are the perfect blend for those who want a traditional espresso coffee that has a full, rich taste without any bitterness. Super Crema’s cup characteristics include aroma and flavor as well as an easily attainable thick, compact crema. 1 Kilo, 2.2 po...

  • Refurbished Jura C60 | Impressa Coffee Maker | 1st in Coffee

    1stincoffee.com 26 Mar '17, 12pm

    Q: Had it a few days, it was making great coffee, espresso, cappuccino, etc. This morning made two cups of coffee, then got a signal to Open Switch. Read the directions online, opened the steam switch, closed it, and tried to make coffee. Wouldn't do it. Got the same message. Repeated...

  • Thinking about buying Jura Decalcifier? Read our latest review of the product by Maureen H.

    Jura Capresso Decalcifying Descaling Tablets

    1stincoffee.com 25 Feb '17, 12pm

    For use on Jura & Capresso Super Automatic coffee machines only. 9 tablets are enough to descale your machine 3 times. Scale is the biggest enemy of all household appliances that involve the use of tap water. JURA has developed a descaling tablet to extend the service life of your cof...

  • Jura Clearyl Blue Filters | Clearyl Blue Filters | 1st in Coffee

    1stincoffee.com 29 Jan '17, 9am

    The Jura CLEARYL Blue Filter system reduces water hardness up to 75%, and removes large percentages of chlorine, lead, copper, and aluminum from your water. These filters are for Jura A9, C5, C60, C9, F50, J6, F7 (current model #13709) , F8, J9, Z7, Z9, GIGA 5 & ENA models only. Buy 5...

  • illy espresso coffee, whole bean medium roast

    1stincoffee.com 01 Jan '17, 9am

    I recently purchased a case of six cans of Illy Whole Bean Espresso roast, and the prompt attention to my order by 1st in Coffee was a perfect match for the supremely good quality of Illy coffee. Recently, a visitor from overseas spotted one of my cans of Illy and remarked that so man...

  • Jura Capresso 25 Cleaning Tablets for automatic coffee machines

    1stincoffee.com 26 Dec '16, 2pm

    Jura Capresso Cleaning Tablets - 25 Tablet Jar: Provides effective cleaning and long-lasting protection. Regular maintenance of your coffee machine with regards to hygiene when working with milk, coffee and water are key to maintaining a very high level of coffee quality. Every automa...

  • Thinking about buying Jura Milk System Cleaner - 1000 ml? Read our latest review of the product by Andy K.

    Jura Milk System Cleaner large 1000 ml bottle

    1stincoffee.com 10 Dec '16, 12pm

    For use cleaning the milk system on Jura automatic coffee centers. One bottle 1000 ml. Dissolves milk deposits. Liquid cleaner for milk systems for cleaning JURA fully automatic machines.

  • Thinking about buying CLEARYL White Water Filter for Jura? Read our latest review of the product by Rachel T.

    Clearyl White Water Filter | Jura Clearyl Filter | 1st in Coffee

    1stincoffee.com 04 Dec '16, 12pm

    The Jura Clearyl filter system reduces water hardness up to 75%, and removes large percentages of chlorine, lead, copper, and aluminum from your water. This filter for these Jura Capresso Fully Automatic Coffee Center Models: Z5, Z6, E8, E9, J5, F60, old F8 & old F7 & S9 One Touch and...


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