1. 13 Feb '13, 1am

    www.ezycoffeepods.com is where the new EMO 4 twin filters are now available. They are a much better pod for nespresso machines because they have a filter at the base of the pod that prevents and back flow of coffee grinds in your machine. People using them need to know that they are not endorsed by nespresso in any way.

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  2. 13 Feb '13, 1am

    I very much admire this inventiveness and it inspired me to try one and have a go myself. You can read the article herehttp://www.ezycoffeepods.com/stainless-steel-refillable-nespresso-compatible-pods-mischief-managed-up-to-no-good.html
    After all the mischief managed I am sticking to recommending BPA plastic refillable with twin filters, that prevent back flow of coffee grinds in your nespresso machine.
    I found some issues with the steel pod.
    If you only have 1 steel pod then you have to rinse with every cup of coffee. This is hard because when it comes out of the machine it is too hot to touch, so you have to wait a little till it cools to rinse out.. depending on coffee grains the granules can stick in the lid side and need to be flushed out.
    With my choice of ezy coffee pods I can make 3 coffees in a row and not worry about rinsing pods between each cup. They come in pkts of 10 and are affordable enough to have spares in the draw.

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