29 Apr '17, 12pm

Classic Italian Elegance At Tokyo’s Coffeehouse Nishiya https://t.co/eKDhwCLGa0

When I first saw Coffeehouse Nishiya , it struck me as out of place. Its blue wooden sign boards, aged veranda, and white tiling all stood in contrast to the surrounding concrete mix of houses, apartments, and office buildings. Coffeehouse Nishiya was simple and unique, compact. It felt like maybe it had always been there on that street corner. At the same time, it was odd to have walked 10 minutes from Shibuya’s busy intersection—a place of giant billboards, thousands of people, and a cacophony of sound—to find myself at…an Italian bar. Inside, owner Kyohei Nishiya stood behind a wooden counter. His co-worker Yoshiki Okada directed me to a spot at the far end of the counter. The two wore button-up shirts, neckties, and dress pants—the Coffeehouse Nishiya uniform. Kyohei Nishiya (right) and Yoshiki Okada I ordered an espresso shake and asked Nishiya how he started. He said...

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