28 Apr '17, 5pm

Yes, @Vervecoffee's Gesha is bad @$$. & you can grab a bag at #OurFairgrounds. Learn more:

If you’re lucky enough to have access to this North American exclusive release of the Good Food Award-winning Elida Estate Green-Tip Gesha , you might want to brew up a cup and sit down to read this little interview we did with Colby Barr at Verve about the company’s work with Elida over the years, leading up to this win. If you don’t have any of this magical coffee at arm’s length, however, you can still enjoy the story. And then you can pop over to Verve’s online store to buy yourself some of it . Hurry though ”as all of the best things, this coffee is really limited, and will disappear fast.

Full article: http://www.baristamagazine.com/verves-colby-barr-opens-aw...


The Barista League is Back Again!

The Barista League is Back Again!

baristamagazine.com 28 Apr '17, 3pm

The Barista League has gained popularity throughout Europe as an alternative to other coffee competitions that focus on in...