27 Nov '12, 12am

My comments in this Cafelat tamper HGL post are no lie either - photo proof!

Cafelat is one of our favourite tamper makers, and they offer serious precision made tampers in unique designs with some great options. There's so many designs to choose from, but I'm listing the one I actually use everyday (albeit branded to a local cafe): the Cafelat Nikka Zebrawood flat bottom model. At less than $56, this tamper screams high quality, is very durable (I can attest to that, having used one for almost two years now, every day) and very elegant looking. New this year, all the current models of Cafelat tampers come with the newly design "tamper seat" which also doubles as a tamping mat for both chopped portafilters and spouted models.

Full article: http://www.coffeegeek.com/opinions/coffeeatthemoment/11-2...