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My essay on the specialty coffee business -When Exceptions Become Commpnplace

My essay on the specialty coffee business -When Exceptions Become Commpnplace

Vermont food and specialty coffee share a common trait: trans­parency. Vermonters have always embraced a farm-to-table approach; agri­cul­tural trans­parency and local sourcing is important here. We make buying deci­sions based on the farms that we know, and like to support the families in our commu­nities that operate farms throughout the state. For example, the sources of my recent meals include: dairy from Vermont Creamery, vegetables from Sam Mazza’s Farm, chicken and meat from Misty Knoll Farms, La Platte River Angus Farm and Green Pasture, bread from August First and Red Hen Baking, and the coffee in my cup today is from San Rafael Urias Estate, Guatemala. The future of coffee is no longer trans­parent supply chains and rela­tionship buying; what was once the exception and the point of differ­en­ti­ation has become common­place in our industry.

Full article: http://coffeetalk.com/ctmagazine/01-2016/21472/


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