28 Oct '12, 8am

@takakosuomessa @chobitto 安いのでも挽くことはできますが、長持ちしないそうです。だったらある程度いいものを買って、長く使う方がいいかなって私は思いますよ。ここが安くていいお店だそうです。

Thank you very much for your advice and patience with me. I know I ask a lot of questions but your answers were very helpful. From the order to the delivery, everything went well. Thank you for your outstanding professional service.Now I am enjoying my Zaffiro and my Macap M4 everyday. They are both great and they look fantastic. My coffees are delicious. I am looking forward doing business with you again. All the best, Matteo (from Switzerland) Thanks, sincerely Matteo (from Switzerland) [email protected] ___________________________________________________ Today I received my new Silvia and Rocky. I would like to thank you for a perfect shipping to Switzerland. Even my need for a week "delayed" shipping from you seemed to be no problem to handle. I have now tested the machines twice, I am so happy with the opportunity to make outstanding espresso in my own kitc...

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