26 Jun '16, 8pm

A Home Baked Breakfast paired with Bukeela ka Ethiopia. Start coffee pairing at

45 minutes For 1 People Difficulty Medium Home-Baked Breakfast Home-Baked Breakfast made from scratch Tags Champions of Breakfast Ingredients Raspberry Preserve ingredients 500g raspberries Sugar (to taste) Sourdough Bread Biodynamic butter Materials Ceramic pot, Jar, Wooden Spoon, Nespresso glass Preparation Rasberry Preserve Cooking instructions: Place raspberries in a pot and cook lightly until berries have fallen apart but haven’t become mushy. Season to taste with sugar – make sure to maintain acidity. Put in jars. Pasteurize by submerging jar in 82° water for 30 minutes Use as you like. Recommended Grands Crus Bukeela ka Ethiopia INTENSITY : 3 Commander Bukeela ka Ethiopia 3 Print Send Download Facebook Twitter Google + Pinterest

Full article: https://www.nespresso.com/ultimate-coffee-creations/uk/en...


Breakfast is available and will be served in front

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