25 Apr '16, 4pm

Coffee On Instagram: Ghidaq al-Nizar of Coffeetopia

Coffee On Instagram: Ghidaq al-Nizar of Coffeetopia

Both an artist and environmentalist, al-Nizar puts his green thinking into many of his pieces. His Zero Waste Coffee series is a way to raise awareness about coffee’s waste products, so you can be sure that when he’s painting with coffee, he isn’t brewing batches specifically for his art. “I paint a mini painting because I don’t play with my drink, it’s a remnant,” says al-Nizar. The making of those mini paintings is an art in and of itself, a practice in patience that brings him closer to the canvas: al-Nizar paints drop by drop, waiting until each drop dries before adding the next.

Full article: http://sprudge.com/coffeetopia-instagram-98207.html


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