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Brewing great espresso may take a little practice to master, and will definitely take some experimentation, which is all part of the fun. Grind, weight and time are key factors when brewing espresso, and most likely you’ll have to adjust one or more of these elements several times to get your shot dialed in. We recommend using about 19 to 21 grams (about 3 Tablespoons) depending on your basket, coffee and how many days the coffee is off the roast. We use Hair Bender for our espresso in all of our cafes. We also have big love for La Marzocco espresso machines and have been using them since day one – they are super solid, well-built, temperature stable workhorses and they pull amazing shots of espresso. The La Marzocco Linea Mini is what we’re using here.

Full article: https://www.stumptowncoffee.com/brew-guides/espresso


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