28 Jun '15, 6pm

#ExtraShotOfPride #LoveWins - via @sbuxmel

#ExtraShotOfPride #LoveWins - via @sbuxmel

in Seattle, which had its grand opening March 13, 2009. The three Starbucks partners are all wearing rainbow Pride flag pins on their aprons, which the store manager purchased for all her partners. I was trying to get the pins in the photo – Hope you can see them. And also, in the second photo, you can see the coffee Pike Place Special Reserve, which is not the same coffee as Pike Place Roast. This is one of only two stores that has that coffee. One more thing, the middle partner in the photo is wearing her ASU pin, Rachel pin (the mascot pig of Pike Place Market – Starbucks gives those pins to certain partners at 1912 Pike Place and 1st and Pike) and also the rainbow flag pin. Thank you for being game for the great pic!

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#singaporeans r talkg abt 1-Jul-15: #sgpol #sgelections #oursgconv #SG50 #AmosYee #LoveWins

#singaporeans r talkg abt 1-Jul-15: #sgpol #sge...

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