26 May '15, 2am

@JeromeGrenierD agree, or at least, it removes that potential route towards engaging regulars. This is a fun take tho

With fifty cards in the book, another seventy on the wall, and some 400 more floating around in people’s pockets, wallets, bags, and purses, it feels as though they’ve started a movement here at Yanaka’s Shimokitazawa branch. Fortunately, this system is easily replicable, and it echoes the “buy a cup, give a cup” coffee shop cork boards from an earlier, simpler time. Tokyo is a huge city, and can feel impersonal at times, but not here. This is more than just a free cup of coffee; it is a community-building, neighborhood-loving, karma-positive act of human kindness!

Full article: http://sprudge.com/yanaka-great-pay-forward-coffee-scheme...


Tokyo Yakiniku

cheeserland.com 26 May '15, 2pm

Yes!!! Tokyo Yakiniku is pet-friendly!!!

A Barista’s Cafe: Act II For Seattle’s Neptune Coffee

A Barista’s Cafe: Act II For Seattle’s Neptune ...

sprudge.com 28 May '15, 3pm

Husband-and-wife team Baltazar Soto and Christine Esparolini had planned to launch a new Seattle coffee bar from the groun...

Key to Human Potential - Positive Emotions

Key to Human Potential - Positive Emotions

care2.com 25 May '15, 12am

The experience of positive emotions may be a key to helping us live up to our potential. Even though there is the daily im...