23 May '15, 6pm

ICYMI: Jamaican Power Patties via #vegetarian #veggies #soy #recipe

To prepare the filling fry onions and carrots on olive oil until onions are golden. In meantime rehydrate soy mince, place it in a bowl with mushroom / vegetable cubes and curry powder, add gradually enough water to make it soft. Add rehydrate soy mince to the frying pan and continue frying until filling does not have any excess of water. Season to taste with hot sauce and leave aside to cool down. To prepare the pastry combine flour, paprika, turmeric, salt and butter. Mix with your hands until all butter lumps are gone. Add gradually water to achieve soft but not sticky dough. Roll out pieces of dough with rolling pin, cut out circle and stretch it a little bit more with your fingers or rolling pin. On one half of the dough place slice of cheese and about two heaped table spoons of the filling, bring ends of the dough together and seal the patty with your fingers. Place ...

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