30 Apr '15, 7am

hmmm ilgiiiinç????!!! panpa bundan yapıyonuz mu dükkanda @erhangi_biri

So this drink was submitted to us as part of our Feel Good Drinks Of Fall series, and while it’s certainly a feel good drink, it didn’t quite qualify since it’s not (yet) served in any cafes due to current U.S. drug laws. However! Cannabis+Coffee is slowly starting to happen despite the legal grey area, and this magic chocolate and cannabis macchiato is just one of many, many future combinations of the two popular consumables. If the Colorado Department of Revenue or the Washington Liquor Control Board get their act together, or initiatives in Oregon, Alaska and Washington DC pass, you may soon get to see this treat on bar at your friendly neighborhood coffee shop.

Full article: http://sprudge.com/recipe-zak-ethans-magic-macchiato-magi...