22 Apr '15, 12am

Love for @pleinairchi and @metriccoffee:

Love for @pleinairchi and @metriccoffee:

In the cramped space behind the service window glass (showing off the latest pastries), they operate a two-group La Marzocco GB/5. They sell Metric Coffee beans for retail sale at the counter and use their Quantum Espresso to pull shots served properly short with a congealed, medium brown crema with darker brown spots. The shot is full-bodied, potent, and has an acid bite in the long finish over some herbal and molasses flavor notes. Served in a mismatch of ITI China saucers and decorative Front of the House demitasses with a thumb grip at the top.

Full article: http://theshot.coffeeratings.com/2015/04/plein-air-cafe-c...


Hilarious piece on one of Singapore's most-recognised chains, Ananas Cafe: Great one, @CoconutsSG!

Hilarious piece on one of Singapore's most-reco...

singapore.coconuts.co 22 Apr '15, 9am

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