27 Mar '15, 12am

Pasteboard: Inland Empire TNT Takes Riverside, Calif., by Storm

March 12 was our second-to-last event of the first IETNT season. Hosted by Torch Coffee Roasters in Riverside, Calif., the event filled the space with what felt like a good hundred people gathered for coffee, food, live music, and a throwdown. During sign-ups, Torch offered a bar service where our audience and competitors could sample a range of drinks as made by IETNT founder, Gabe Venegas. We were fortunate to also have, throughout the night, food courtesy of Wahfles Desserts & Coffee in LaVerne, Calif. Before the competition began, local band, the Vast Alps performed a short set to get everyone excited for the night. Running a bracket of 20 led to rounds moving very fast. However, the event had a very intimate feel—not because of number of people, but because it felt more like everyone was participating in some way. It wasn’t just an event we’d organized, but an event t...

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