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Roasting Routine vs. Roasting Profile

Roasting Routine vs. Roasting Profile

I now start out at 100% power up to 200 degrees F and then go to 75% or 86% power to finish out to the roast I desire. Turning down the power too low can stall the roast, but a flick of the switch to full power for ten to twenty seconds can get the roast back on track. This is the art part of the roasting profile and intricate part of the roasting routine. With more experience and good record keeping you can learn to prolong the time between 1st and 2nd crack, so you zero in on a City or City + or Full City roast at your will. I really felt elated when I was able to roast two batches of Kenya AA beans, one to City and the other to City +, and tell, see and taste the difference between the batches. That was the first time I felt I was a coffee bean roaster. I had started to master my Roasting Profile.

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Domain Profile

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Have you tried roasting your own coffee? @INeedCoffee has 15+ years of tutorials to help you get started.

Have you tried roasting your own coffee? @INeed...

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Roasting Routine vs. Roasting Profile Sam Hampton August 30, 2014 Learning to roast coffee had a long learning curve for m...

New Guatemalan roasting Monday!

New Guatemalan roasting Monday!

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West Bend Popper 2 Rewire for Coffee Roasting

West Bend Popper 2 Rewire for Coffee Roasting

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This conversion will work not only on the West Bend Poppery 2, but on most of the Presto hot air poppers with similar wiri...

@DrEmilySKlein for example

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