02 Mar '12, 10am

Whoa, Man: Pre-Seasoned Roburs From @LaMarzocco

Whoa, Man: Pre-Seasoned Roburs From @LaMarzocco

This is truly a historic moment in the evolution of grinder technology. La Marzocco USA have announced that their line of Robur grinders will now ship with pre-seasoned burrs. This is huge, as many baristas can attest to endless wasted horrid mornings of seasoning burrs during busy AM shifts. A THING OF THE PAST! More from LM : We just wanted to share the news that as of now—-EVERY Mazzer Robur grinder that we ship out will come with pre-seasoned burrs – so save your old beans, rice, whatever else you were using to season these guys.

Full article: http://sprudge.com/whoa-man-pre-seasoned-roburs-from-la-m...


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