28 Jun '14, 9pm

@brianstein no-one will believe it, @sweetmarias has got it dialed. gotta be the gear -- want to go halvsies?

SAN FRANCISCAN 1 lb Roaster- Profile Roaster Good, affordable choice for the home or demo use in a retail shop or coffee house setting. Roasts from 8 oz to 1.3 lb of green coffee. Built and designed with the San Franciscan continuous roast theme. Comes with gas model, natural or propane, and includes both bean temp probe and environment temp probe with dual digital readout that allows you to read temp accurately. Roaster and drum made with 100% schedule 40 steel. Face plate 1/4" steel. Terms: 60% deposit and balance prior to shipment. If not in stock, allow 60-90 days for assembly. SPECS Floor Space need is 32" L X 17"W X 27"H Voltage: 100 volts, single phase and 2 amps BTU: 10,000 Gas: Natural or Propane Hot Air Exhaust 4" diameter pipe Gas Pressure 7" W/C Nat Gas or 11" W/C Propane

Full article: http://www.coffeetec.com/San_Franciscan_1_lb_roaster_for_...