29 Jun '14, 12am

Vetrano 2B, Greg K

After doing extensive research on different machines I chose to upgrade to the Quickmill Vetrano 2b. Prior to this machine I had the Lelit PL041QE for four years. I've had the V2B for three months now and I couldn't be happier. I fully plumbed the machine using Chris' softening and filtration kit. The machine is quiet, it heats up fast and recovery time between shots is minimal. I use the machine several times a day for my wife and myself and always make coffee for guests. Everyone is always really pleased. I don't think I will ever need to upgrade to another machine.

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Vetrano 2B, Lloyd MacNeil

coffeegeek.com 28 Jun '14, 9pm

The V2B is my first espresso machine. I also bought the Mahlkonig K30. Previously, I drank coffee at home from a French pr...