31 Mar '14, 12pm

"The Trip to Canada" (aka The Quest for a Maple Macchiato). #Starbucks #Canada

"The Trip to Canada" (aka The Quest for a Maple Macchiato). #Starbucks #Canada

The store was decorated with balloons for the at-home coffee event sale! The register barista was asking every customer if they wanted to buy four pounds of coffee and get one free. I was left out from being asked if I wanted to buy four pounds of coffee! I was impressed with her consistency in telling every customer about the sale. I think I gave away that I was a tourist pretty fast. I realized I had no Canadian money on me and so I asked the register barista if it would be okay if I tipped with American dollars. I was unsure if that was considered bad form to tip with the wrong currency. The register barista said that they’d be glad to get American dollars as tips. “People do that all the time, since we’re so close to the border.” And of course, I did get my Maple Macchiato:

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