25 Feb '14, 5pm

Colin Harmon’s 3FE Promotional Video: A Lesson in How to Make People Care | @dublinbarista @3FE

They come on board and they say, ‘Oh yeah, we want to make great coffee!’ And they start off with this elation of, ‘Yeah, the coffee’s going to be great.’ Then it kind of gets better and better. And then after about three weeks, they just hit this huge depression: ‘This is awful, this is terrible, everything is going wrong.’ We can kind of see it coming and we talk them through it. Ignorance is bliss. You’re training them to spot problems and all of the sudden they’re seeing problems everywhere, where they never saw problems before. Then they think what they’re doing is awful. And we’re like, ‘You’re actually doing much better than you were before; it’s just that now when something goes wrong you can see it, whereas before you didn’t care.’

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Colin Harmon: The Story of 3FE in Dublin

Colin Harmon: The Story of 3FE in Dublin

dearcoffeeiloveyou.com 24 Feb '14, 9am

Colin Harmon, the charismatic 4-time Irish Barista Champion, has worked hard to establish his world renown coffee bar, 3FE...